There's Magic Out There: January 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

Potato Heart Print Valentines

Here at the house we have been getting excited for Valentines Day. The house was feeling a little empty without all the decorations and tree so we started with some Valentines decorating and this weekend we made some easy to do Valentines Cards.

I don't know if you remember but we used potatoes to make Heart prints last year while learning about the Letter H and I wanted to use that idea to make Potato Heart Print Valentines!

Its super easy to do, you get a potato and cut into it to make a heart (I did one on each end), grab some paint and paper and have fun making some prints! This weekend was so sunny that we had to go outside and soak up the sunshine so I took out a table and our materials to do the prints outside.
After we made lots of hearts we let them dry and enjoyed being outside on such a beautiful winter day.

Later during the day I cut out a bunch of the hearts in various shades of red and got paper and a glue stick to decide where I wanted them to go. You can put them inside, outside, everywhere! They all look pretty, trust me and its fun for the munchkins to be sticking them everywhere.
I then took out my stamps and started making some messages on the cards. You can always use markers or crayons to write out a special message if you don't have stamps.
They will be a special Home made treat for your loved ones and they are super easy to do so. Hope you make some of your own and have fun while doing them!

Need some ideas on Valentines Decorations?
Check out the two DIY Valentines crafts I made this year here:

1. Valentines DIY Heart Wreath
2. Valentines DIY Heart Wall Decor

And dont forget to check out my Valentines Day Pinterest Board for lots of other fun ideas!

To make sure you dont miss out any new ones Follow me!

Hope you have a great Valentines day with your loved ones!

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY Vision/Inspiration Board

Over two weeks ago I started my Vision Board, I was almost finished with it when my dads health scare happened so it was put on hold. It also made all the things that I want for more my future that much more clear and serious.

If your wondering... What is a Vision board? A Vision Board is a board that you put your goals on to. You can do this in a variety of ways but the result you want is a place where you can see the things you are working for, dreaming of and pushing for. It helps you as a reminder to not give up, to keep going forward. Inspirational words to keep up your spirits. I have heard a lot of people who highly recommend it and I thought why not? I have nothing to lose and lots to gain so I made one to help me in 2013.

Here's How I made my Vision Board:

I Hope this helps me on my journey this year. Let me know if you make one and how it works out for you. Lets help each other on this journey to make our goals happen this year!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Project 52: Week 4

Project 52: Week 4

A lot has been going on this week. Doctor appointments, colds all around the house, the sun came back to San Antonio and brought temperatures in the high 70's during winter making us Happy (we don't like the cold). But overall the sense of Hope! Hope that every things going to be OK, that life might be getting a little more normal again.

My dad had a bunch of labs done last week and we got the results this week. They were all good news! I want to Thank each and every one of you who sent us well wishes and hope, prayers and just for being there during my family's hard times. Thank you! It means a lot to me when people who don't know me in person would care to pray for us, your prayers mean more than words can say. After the cold previous week the sun came out in San Antonio and it brought warmth with it. So of course everyone was outside soaking up the sun! We played and hanged out with our pets.  I also started a very special project that I will let you know about soon. Its a great opportunity for me and I'm so excited about it. The pictures above are of my munchkin this week still with a cold but feeling alot better (yes thats an original Pokemon shirt we got at a thrift store), playing outside with his dinosaurs, one of our cats enjoying the sun and the waiting room where my munchkin spent most of his time with tia while grandpa was being seen by doctors (grateful they are kid friendly).

How was your week? Can you believe January is almost over and Valentines Day is just around the corner? Time really does fly! Are you doing a Project 52? Come share with me! There's always time to start so if you want to do one then go for it, It never hurts to try.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The ABC's of Me

I saw this on Simply Clarke and it was so cute I wanted to try it. So here it goes! The ABC's Of me!

A. Age?
28 yrs old
B. Book?
Currently reading World War Z and waiting for the movie
C. Cake or Pie?
Chocolate cake!
D. Drink of choice?
Cherry coke, extra cherries from sonic (love the ice)
E. Essential Items?
Pen and paper
F. Favorite Color?
G. Game to play or watch?
Basketball My San Antonio Spurs
H. Hometown?
San Antonio! Home of The Alamo
I. Indulgence?
J. Job?
Full time Mommy/Blogger
K. Kids?
One Munchkin love of my life
L. Life is incomplete without?
Love and family by your side
M. Music group or singer?
Eeeek! Favorites? Fiona Apple, Queen and The Beatles
N. Number of siblings?
2, one of each both a lot younger
O. Oranges or apples
Hard choice but apples, pretty much almost a tie
P. Phobias/fears?
I really didn't have much fears before my munchkin but now I have so many since I have become a mother. Life is not so scary when you only have to worry about your well being, but once your life isn't just yours then that brings alot of fears besides roaches.
Q. Favorite Quote?
"All you need is Love"
R. Reason to smile?
Life, Health, family
S. Season?
My favorite season is Spring
T.  Tattoos?
None but I want one. A turtle on my ankle
U. Unknown fact about me?
I have not driven a car in years
V. Vegetable you love?
Broccoli, carrots
W. Worst Habit?
Nail biter but I'm doing good not biting recently
X. X-Rays you've had?
So many X-rays on my knee! I keep breaking the same one
Y. Your favorite food?
Chicken soup
Z. Zodiac?
Hope you learned a little bit more about me and if you're doing one too please share it with me! Id love to learn more about you!  
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Buckaroo Breakfast in San Antonio

One of the best parts of living in San Antonio is enjoying the Rodeo and our little ones can join in on the fun with
When: February 2nd 2013
Where: Alamo Plaza Downtown
Time: 9 am- noon
What: There will be plenty of food, Radio Disney Music, games, awesome prizes such as tickets to the rodeo grounds and tickets to see Austin Mahone live in concert.
Hope to see you guys there!

Happiness is________

Happiness is.... (Week 1)

Happiness is my son, His smile, his laugh especially now that he's feeling better.

Happiness is the sunshine that has come back after a lot of rain.

Happiness is being comfy in bed warm in your blanket when you're recuperating

Happiness is siblings. You're never going to be alone during hard times.

Happiness is my dads recovery going so well (beyond Happy).

The past two weeks have been kind of hectic and hard for my family but you have to find the happiness in life and spread it with others.

Lisa at Crazy Adventures in parenting has started a weekly series called "Happiness Is_____" where every Wednesday she will be having a link up for others to share what Happiness is to them. So go check that out and link up! You can also follow others along with the hashtag #HappinessIs on twitter and Instagram. Hope to see you there spreading the happiness!
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project 52: Week 3

Project 52: Week 3

Hi there! This week has been such a tough week for us. Last week I wrote that I felt so blessed and you know what? No matter how hard this week has been for my family I still hold true to those words, Because we are blessed. We have food in the fridge, a roof that keeps us warm on these cold nights and a family that stands strong together through all the hardship. Right now our health may be affected but its nothing chicken soup and good rest cant fix. As for my dad, with care and good doctors and lots of antibiotics he will come out all the stronger and wiser from his pain.

This week we had to take my dad to the Hospital in an emergency. He had a huge wound on most of his lower leg. I would say about a Frisbee size if you could bend it (includes the redness around it). He had actually been hiding the wound from us behind pants and was only caught when he ran out of pants to hide in. He didn't want to bother us with his problems even though he is a diabetic with prior amputations, which makes any wound all that much more serious. The middle of his wound was now black and very serious. Doctors told us that if he had waited longer he could have lost his leg. Thank God he ran out of pants! We spent 2 days in the hospital with him and apparently took home with us a serious cold bug. So this week has been hospital stays and more doctor visits and plenty of medicine and so far 3 visits to the pharmacist. But we are all staying strong. This week is a test to our strength. So thats why I have hardly been online, Im either giving medicine or making soup or at a doctor appointment. 

Please send us all the good vibes you can and please if you or your loved ones are diabetic please treat every wound as if it meant your life, because it does. And dont hide your problems from your loved ones, they are there to help you when you need it most. The pictures above are from the doctor waiting room, munchkin reading new books (Thanks to Barefoot Books contest) and starting a vision/inspiration board. 

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

DIY Heart Wall Decor

This past week I made two Valentines Crafts out of empty toilet paper rolls, the first was this one actually but I ended up posting the DIY Heart Wreath first. I am so in love with this Heart because it has been up on the wall the whole week and adds a great touch to the room.

Here's how you can make one for you:


4 to 5 empty rolls of toilet paper to be on the safe side
paint with paintbrush
hot glue gun with glue
old newspaper to cover your work area


Lay out your newspaper and decide how big of a heart you want to make. My first time making this I cut the toilet paper rolls first and made the design to see how it would look but now having done 2 of these I recommend you to please paint the toilet paper rolls first and let them dry. It is so much easier if you paint first!

After the paint is dry cut each toilet paper roll into 5 pieces as even as possible. Recreate the shape now and start hot gluing

Let the glue hold tight and admire your Heart! Hang it up to make a statement of love on your wall and ta-da! Valentines decor on your wall is done!

Check out my other Valentines craft I made this week here:
DIY Heart Wreath
Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having fun crafting and getting ready for Valentines day!
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Project 52: Week 2

Project 52: Week 2

Hi there! Every Saturday I will be posting my Project 52. This is my second week trying this out so im still getting use to it.
This week after all the rain the sunshine finally came out and it was beautiful! We went outside and soaked up the sunshine. We painted alot this week and I made 2 Valentines crafts using recyled tp rolls. I feel so blessed this January and I want to keep feeling that way. Sending positive vibes out there!

Want to check out my first week and what this is all about? Project 52: Week 1 The beginning of 2013

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Bargain shopping fun

This week after the rain passed we finally left the house and went shopping! I was lucky enough to have won a gift card to Goodwill, its one of my favorite places to shop for bargains so this was exciting! 

Here are some of the awesome finds from this week:

My favorite place to start is the books! I Love Books! I'm a bookaholic....
I literally try to look at every single title afraid I'll miss something. I ended up finding some really cute kids books and even coloring books.
I picked up a couple of photo albums to hopefully have fun with (ideas brewing)
I found a ton of really awesome Christmas items that were half off. I know! Half off the low prices they already have, it was a steal. This cute Christmas baker was only $2! and all those new packages you see of Christmas items they were 25 cents each! 
If you like getting ahead of the season well they have a huge shelf covered in baskets. You can use them for Easter baskets or even make your Valentine a neat basket full of goodies. They even had Heart cutouts! 

Anyone here a teacher? Or even a parent trying to organize there desk or kids arts supplies well there were so many cute containers and bins and more to help you along. 
Lastly kids clothes! If you have a little one then you know how fast they grow out of clothes. So a tip from me would be to shop at Goodwill for kids clothes. Everything 5T and under is 99 cents! Baby clothes is a great bet. They don't walk around yet so how dirty can they get? I saw a bunch of items still with tags! We took home some cute clothes for munchkin and if I wouldn't have told you, you would have thought I bought it new. 
Whens the last time you went shopping at goodwill? Items are being constantly brought out so its like shopping at a new store very time! 

Disclosure: I won a Goodwill Gift card and was not asked to write about my shopping experience. All opinions are my own.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Valentines Day DIY Hearts (Recycled Toilet paper roll crafts) Wreath

Just yesterday we finished picking up all the Christmas decorations and now there is about a month left until Valentines day! Yep, hard to believe it but Valentines Day is almost here and its a perfect reason to get the house out of the ordinary(boring right now that there's no decorations) to being in the Valentines Lovey dovey mood.

I wanted to make something with materials found at home so I used toilet paper rolls to create this special hanging decor.

  • Toilet paper rolls (5 to be on the safe size)
  • paint and paintbrush
  • scissors
  • colorful paper or plain white paper to color on
  • glue stick
  • glue gun with glue
  • newspaper to layout to cover your work area while painting

Start by painting your toilet paper rolls inside and out so that the color you choose will be on evenly because if you do this after it is too hard to get in the creases (trust me) Put them off to your side to air dry. I drew on the newspaper my circle size I wanted so I could use it to estimate how many toilet paper rolls I would need to cut and to base my heart size off of so that when I did add the hearts it would be sized appropriately.
While the paint dried I used some scrap paper to freehand hearts in different sizes. I then cut out those hearts and traced the shape onto scrapbooking paper I had (you could also use regular white paper and color the hearts in with markers/crayons and put cute words), cut and glued them onto cardboard to make it more sturdy. Then cut those out to use
When the paint was dry I cut the rolls into 5 pieces each as even as I could. I then laid them out to how my circle would fit. I then began gluing the toilet paper roll pieces end to end with my hot glue gun carefully holding them into place to bend them into the circular shape
After I had made my circle I let it rest to dry so as to not add weight to it too quickly. I then hot glued on my hearts and let it get sturdy. I hanged it up on my wall with simple thumb tacks in 3 locations to balance the weight.
I'm happy with the final product. I used things I had already available at home and I'm happy to use something as ordinary as a empty toilet paper roll and give it new life. Its always good to re-purpose things so I keep boxes and containers because at the end of the day its free crafting supplies and who doesn't love free?

Hope this got you in the Valentines mood! To check out another fun DIY Valentines craft head over to Mean baby to check out a DIY Valentines Day Banner ! This is a Blog circle so if you follow along blog to blog you will see links to other blogger fun DIY Valentines crafts.

Don't forget to check out My Valentines Day Pinterest board for more Inspiration! 

Check out my other Valentines Day Heart Decor 
Happy Crafting!  
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