There's Magic Out There: Project 52: Week 2

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project 52: Week 2

Project 52: Week 2

Hi there! Every Saturday I will be posting my Project 52. This is my second week trying this out so im still getting use to it.
This week after all the rain the sunshine finally came out and it was beautiful! We went outside and soaked up the sunshine. We painted alot this week and I made 2 Valentines crafts using recyled tp rolls. I feel so blessed this January and I want to keep feeling that way. Sending positive vibes out there!

Want to check out my first week and what this is all about? Project 52: Week 1 The beginning of 2013

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  1. Love the Valentines crafts :)

  2. Hi I am your new follower from the blog hop, loving your crafts. Looks like the lil is enjoying them. You can find me at, O, I did not see your FB page if you have one follow me an I will follow back. Look forward to connecting!


  3. Newest follower from blog hop. You can find me here:

    1. Thankyou! Will head over there right now

  4. Glad you're having such happy vibes. :) Visiting from Fun Friday today.


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