There's Magic Out There: June 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stopping by the Selena Memorial in Corpus Christi

As a little girl I grew up in Love with Selena's music. I related to her and loved that her music was both in Spanish and English. I had never been to her memorial in Corpus so I was so excited to see it. The love people still have for her all these years later is truly amazing. People were stopping by to take photos and leave her trinkets and flowers. It was a Beautiful sight to see!

Take a Look:
Along side the memorial are tons of boats!
The Statue itself is gorgeous. Its a great depiction of her. 
But I think my favorite part is The rose. Its gorgeous! 
Have you ever visited Corpus Christi? Be sure to stop and see the Selena statue. Its definitely a must on my list.
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Monday, June 24, 2013

SeaWorld San Antonio's Aquatica First Birthday!

A couple of weeks ago we got really lucky and we were able to go celebrate Aquaticas First Birthday! Yep its been over a year now since Aquatica opened in Seaworld San Antonio. It was special for us since we were actually there on Aquaticas first day. 

So of course on the one year birthday we had to be one of the first people there especially because of the prizes! First 100 people got a free Aquatica towel and they are huge, Its more like a blanket actually and we have been enjoying our free towels. Then they had a giveaway where they had passed out tickets to the people there and randomly picked winners from the tickets and guess what? I was a winner! I won a stingray interaction for me and my munchkin, How awesome is that? 

Here's a peek at our Fun day and at Aquatica in case you've never been there! 
Doesn't Aquatica look like a lot of fun? Be sure and check it out if your in San Antonio this summer! There's plenty more to do and I will share more as we enjoy more areas of Aquatica! Happy Summer! 

Check out our other fun trips to Seaworld San Antonio:
Seaworld San Antonio Howl-O-Scream
Seaworld San Antonio Christmas Celebration
Seaworld San Antonio Wild Days! 
Imagination Movers at Seaworld San Antonio

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Project 52: Week 25

This past week was good and bad for us. Being in San Antonio from the moment I was old enough to understand anything I was already a Spurs fan. As I grew older I became more in love with our team. Now my kiddo is a Spurs fan too! So this huge loss was heartbreaking but none the less as a true fan I still love my Spurs! The love I saw everywhere for our team after the loss was unbelievable. People lined the streets after the game still cheering on our team. The Spurs were greeted with love when they arrived home after the game and still only happiness is being spread from our fans. I hope that speaks greatly to you about San Antonio if you ever plan on visiting. 

This week we also hanged out with my friend Veronica and her kiddos at the Zoo. If your looking for thrifty tips or more information on Barefoot Books my friend Veronica is your gal! 

While still on the subject of Zoo fun, this week I was over at Gummy Lump sharing my new activity for this week which is an Eric Carle inspired Zoo Adventure book! Its spun from the Beloved Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Check it out and have an adventure of your own! Plus see the rest of my zoo fun here.

Finally this week we officially welcomed Summer! Hi there Summer! How was your week? 
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Fun at The Zoo plus an Eric Carle inspired activity!

Earlier this month we took a trip to our local zoo for an Animal adventure! We love visiting our Zoo! Its a great place for the kiddos to get there wiggles out and run and play while learning and maybe even like we did create a lasting memory by making there own Book. Plus now that its summer who doesn't want to go on a little adventure?

Take a look at the fun we had at The San Antonio Zoo:
Our first stop is always The reptile House! We love to check out the snakes
We got super lucky and caught a snake shedding its skin which is a great opportunity for the kids to learn something new and see it up close.
then we went to check out the fish... 
Love this message! Especially for children "Explore your World"
Then we went to lory landing where you can feed the Lorikeets. Its a real fun experience for the kiddos and great on your wallet because its free to go inside Lory landing and if you want to buy them food to feed, its only $1.50. Trust me its worth it when you see the smile on your kiddos face. I had fun last year feeding the lorikeets when they all just kept landing on me. You can check out that fun day here

Another favorite place is the Fun farm where you can touch and even comb pigs and goats. They are super fun and friendly! 
Our final fun spot was Rift Valley where we saw a Rhino and walked down to see the zebras and Elephant.
It was a great zoo visit! Plenty of the animals were out and active during this hot day but since we always arrive early it wasn't so bad. How long has it been since you visited your local zoo? 

Here is the activity book we created using pictures we took during our Zoo visit. This is an Eric Carle inspired activity using the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". You can make your own with your kiddos and it will be a great memory book for them. Check out how to make one here plus more pictures from this visit. Have fun making one! 
Hope you are having a great summer and making lots of happy memories before the kiddos head back to school or like mine go for the first time. If your still looking for summer fun ideas be sure to check out my 75 Days of summer fun. Its a great place to get started and create your own fun list to prevent summer boredom. Hope you check it out and enjoy your summer! 

Want to check out another fun zoo visit? 
Zootennial Plaza Groundbreaking
Holiday fun at the San Antonio Zoo
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Water balloon Summer Fun!

So I have a confession ... before this past weekend I had never played with a water balloon.  Yep, so right now you must be thinking my summers were pretty boring. So lets fix that now because off we went to the store to get some water balloons. We got lucky and found a pack of 150 water balloons plus a water hose nozzle attachment in one pack for $2! 

When it was time to play I was nervous I will admit, because I was afraid of the owies. The owies we could get as the balloons snapped or popped on us. So I made rules for safety and it turned out be lots of fun watching the splashes and the balloons popping all over the place. By the time we were done there was so many balloon pieces all over the floor! 

Here's how water balloon fun works:
We had so much fun and my munchkin was drenched.  Its perfect easy fun on a hot summer day! 

To this day I never really know do you have to use water balloons or will any balloons do or are water balloons just plain old regular balloons relabeled? Really if you know please tell me. 

Water balloon fun is on my list of 75 days of summer fun ideas so make sure to check that out for more summer fun ideas to do with your kiddos. Hope your having a fun summer! 
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Project 52: Week 24

This past week was a good one. We spent a big chunk of it at the beach on our summer adventure. It was my kiddos first time seeing the waves and the never ending water. It was truly so much fun and we made some amazing memories! 

When we got back home we had a BBQ! It was funny because when we were off at the beach it was never ending sunshine and then we get home and its rain clouds for the most part. I guess we used up too much sun. But in between the rain clouds when the sun was out we ate some yummy watermelon and even played with water balloons for the very first time. 

How was your week? We've been chipping away at our 75 Days of Summer fun list. Be sure to check it out for some fun summer ideas. 
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Watermelon

One of the things on my 75 Days of Summer Fun ideas is to Eat watermelon! Yep, watermelon. To me when I think of watermelon I think of summer. So out we went to get us a big and juicy watermelon! After a day in the fridge when it was nice and cold it was now time to eat. 
We took it outside and I chopped it up! We ate a bunch but of course we couldn't eat it all so the rest I chopped up into itty bitty squares and stored away for later. Watermelon is yummy for Summer! Make sure its super cold because the colder the better and it will be sure to cool you off on a hot summer day. Plus its juicy and sweet so Im sure your kids will love it. 
Check out my Summer luvin pinterest board for fun summer ideas and yummy treats! And yes I named it summer luvin after the song in Grease and I will admit to singing it almost every time. 

I'm thinking of ways to incorporate watermelon into a recipe. Do you guys have any ideas? What foods make you think of summer? 

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