There's Magic Out There: Stopping by the Selena Memorial in Corpus Christi

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stopping by the Selena Memorial in Corpus Christi

As a little girl I grew up in Love with Selena's music. I related to her and loved that her music was both in Spanish and English. I had never been to her memorial in Corpus so I was so excited to see it. The love people still have for her all these years later is truly amazing. People were stopping by to take photos and leave her trinkets and flowers. It was a Beautiful sight to see!

Take a Look:
Along side the memorial are tons of boats!
The Statue itself is gorgeous. Its a great depiction of her. 
But I think my favorite part is The rose. Its gorgeous! 
Have you ever visited Corpus Christi? Be sure to stop and see the Selena statue. Its definitely a must on my list.
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