There's Magic Out There: March 2013

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Fun Roundup

With Easter coming next weekend I wanted to remind you of the Easter fun my family does to make the day special. 

For our tummies we enjoy some Easter Basket cupcakes that are edible!

For our decorating we put eggs all over the fence:

For our fun having we make Cascarones (confetti eggs) and smash them on a lucky persons head! 

And for a kids activity we fill our driveway with Easter bunnies and baskets and more thanks to our imagination and Chalk! 

Hope next weekend is a special weekend for you and your loved one as you Enjoy Easter! If you still are in need of some fun Easter inspiration check out my Easter board on Pinterest where you will find yummy treats, crafts, decorations and more!

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Watching our garden grow

Now that its Spring every time we go outside its amazing to see all the changes going on around us. Munchkin loves taking the flowers apart and throwing the petals over us. He is the sweetest when it comes to flowers, he loves the smells and colors so its fun to go outside and "garden".

Here are pictures of some of our flowers!

I think my family has always had a green thumb because even at my childhood home where my grandma had planted our garden, it was full of roses. Different colors all so beautiful! How is Spring going so far for you? Dont you love all the colors outside?

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Project 52: Week 12

This past week we welcomed Spring! Its finally here (check out my gardens flowers) and outside the world is in full bloom! We went to Party city this week to see what fun Easter things they would have since I got an ad in the mail, but when I got to the store most of the wall was bare! Not bare like run out but bare because they had no products (major disappointment) . But we made the most of it and played with the Halloween costumes they still had. We also received this Beautiful print that we so need to find a frame for.  And munchkin has been doodling! Dont you love his art?

How was your past week? Are you doing a Project 52?

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Project 52: Week 11

This week we celebrated St. Patricks day and even our dog got in the spirit of green fun! Munchkin had a lot of fun outdoors jumping on the trampoline! He says he is flying and I bet that's how he feel with his feet off the ground jumping. We even got to have water fun outside with his mini pool. He loved making foot prints with his wet feet. He especially has fun being my mini photographer which I love because I have an addiction to photography and apparently I gave him the bug! It was a beautiful weather week in San Antonio as you can tell. 

How's your week been going? This is My Project 52, if you are doing a project 52 share with me! 

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Outdoor Picnic with Fruit Salad (Kids in the Kitchen)

This week I am linking up with Kids in the Kitchen. Each week parents post about there adventures in the kitchen with there kiddos. I didn't know where to start but the inspiration came this morning when we went grocery shopping. There was so many yummy fruits and I thought why not make a fruit salad? I've never really given munchkin any cooking duties because I get so nervous of him getting burnt or cut that I denied this experience from him. I put my fears aside and thought of ways he could help me that didn't involve a knife and that is why fruit salad was a great first choice. 
Munchkin brought along a friend to help us! 
Munchkin had so much fun cleaning the fruits, helping me pick out the grapes and washing them, adding them in a little at a time and then mixing them up. Cleaning up the strawberries and peeling the bananas.  
You should have seen how proud he was when he told his Tia he had made the food. 
We brought out a small blanket and put it outside to enjoy the fruit salad in the sunshine! Of course munchkins dino had to come along and enjoy the fruit!

Hope you have fun with your kids in the Kitchen! If you feel a little nervous about it at first like me then start off with something easy and small and keep  working your way up (like I plan to do). Its always great to share a new experience with your kiddo and the feeling they get of pride when they do something for themselves is priceless and so worth the fears we as parents might have. I need to start thinking of our next cooking adventure and while you are here don't forget to link up at Sensibly Sara if you are joining in. 

Happy Cooking and yummy Eating!

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Making Cascarones (Easter confetti Eggs)

I received some bath confetti stars that you would normally get in a gift set. I personally dont really have time for baths, come on I have to fight for time to just take a shower! So I thought man these are really pretty and I decided to put them (using regular Elmers glue) on my plain cleaned out eggs. Why not use something unconventional to pretty up some eggs?
You just take a clean egg put glue over the areas slowly (I just rubbed it on with my finger one area at a time) and start laying out your stars. I put them so you could still see they were stars and have a bit of small space between them. Its really easy because the stars feel almost like tissue paper so they stick on very easy and conform to the oval shape of the egg. 
You don't need a lot of glue and the stars seem to last forever. I used some last year and I still have some for this year. They look so pretty and they will make really cute gifts for friends. Plus they are handmade and that makes them even more special. 
Munchkin helped me too! You would normally see confetti on the inside of a cascaron but we put it on the outside too and made them look cute! I gave munchkin some eggs we had dyed with kool- aid (already dry) and I wanted to make them a bit more festive so I gave munchkin glue and confetti and let him glue it on. He loved it because it was fun and messy, but they end up pretty cute. 
After you have your eggs decorated you get some tissue paper and cut out a circle out of the tissue paper a little bit bigger than the size of the hole opening in your egg, fill the egg with confetti or glitter (glitter will be so tough to get out of hair though, just warning you) and then use a little bit of glue to stick the tissue paper circle over the hole opening on the egg to seal in the confetti. Be sure to let your eggs dry and they will be ready for your Easter or Fiesta celebration to smash on someones head (For the smaller kids I personally have always broken the egg in my hand before putting all the confetti over them, it also helps them feel included without the owie risk). 
Have fun decorating and making your Easter special! For more Easter ideas check out my Easter board on Pinterest here

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happiness Is... (Week 5)

Happiness is... Spring break! Yep this week has been Spring Break and even though I don't have a school age kiddo its still a fun week!

Happiness is... Blowing Bubbles (with lots of giggles)
Happiness is... planting in the morning and getting ready for Spring! 
Happiness is... making Cascarones! Munchkin had fun

Lisa at Crazy Adventures in parenting has been doing a weekly series called "Happiness Is_____" where every Wednesday she will be having a link up for others to share what Happiness is to them. So go check that out and link up! You can also follow others along with the hash tag #HappinessIs on twitter and Instagram. Hope to see you there spreading the happiness!
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Project 52: Week 10

This week seemed to go really fast! March is really going fast and St. Patricks day is this upcoming weekend! If I know you and see you I will pinch you if you are not wearing green, So beware!  

I cut my munchkins long hair! Yep his gorgeous locks were making him too sweaty so I chopped them off and wanted to cry because I love him in long hair so its hard to get use to for me. I wish I could put a wig on him! (Any advice on hair styles for boys with long hair would be greatly appreciated because I'm going to let it grow again and I need ideas) 

We went outside as much as possible this past week. We blew bubbles and played basketball and it was great! I love the sunshine and we enjoy it together. 

How was your week? Have you been doing a Project 52? Share your Project 52 with me and lets see where this year takes us.

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Easter Chalk Fun

On a bright sunny day what else could we do but go outside, have fun and enjoy the sunshine? We brought out some chalk and munchkin went to coloring on the floor. He was making Easter eggs with me and I was making some Easter baskets with eggs inside! He helped me color some in and even drew a couple on his own. He even tried making a bunny!

Here are some pictures of our fun:

It was a fun time and I think during our Easter BBQ we are going to put out a big tub of chalk for the kiddos to make there own Easter fun on the driveway. Its also a good learning opportunity on shapes. Eggs are ovals not circles and munchkin is great with his circle but still has trouble making an oval. I have to remind him egg... It looks like an egg. But once you remind him he does a pretty good job. I think it will be great for them on Easter and also a great decoration for us to have on our driveway. We will be sure to take pictures of them next to it as a keepsake. Hope you try it it out. Even if not on Easter, maybe before so that it helps with your Easter decorating outside! 

Here's another outside Easter decoration in case you missed it:

Decorating your Fence for Easter with plastic eggs and ribbon

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