There's Magic Out There: Watching our garden grow

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Watching our garden grow

Now that its Spring every time we go outside its amazing to see all the changes going on around us. Munchkin loves taking the flowers apart and throwing the petals over us. He is the sweetest when it comes to flowers, he loves the smells and colors so its fun to go outside and "garden".

Here are pictures of some of our flowers!

I think my family has always had a green thumb because even at my childhood home where my grandma had planted our garden, it was full of roses. Different colors all so beautiful! How is Spring going so far for you? Dont you love all the colors outside?

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  1. Ahhh, how beautiful. You have a beautiful garden (typing this as it's 30 degrees outside).

    All we have to tell us that it's spring are the allergies (sniff).

    I love the new blog design, Alvina! Very nice!

  2. Wow...such beautiful and colorful flowers. There is so much variety. I love your garden.
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    Bismah @


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