There's Magic Out There: Having fun at the San Antonio Zootennial Plaza Ground Breaking

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Having fun at the San Antonio Zootennial Plaza Ground Breaking

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the Zootennial Plaza ground breaking and it was a lot of fun! It all started with a postcard inviting us over to the ground breaking (It was an open invitation to all Zoo members) and I was intrigued... 
What ground breaking? Whats going on at my zoo? I called them up and they kindly informed me that the Ice Cream shop was going to be demolished that day right in front of us! A Lot of sad thoughts filled our heads but we wanted to be there to say goodbye. Plus they weren't just tearing it down to get rid of it, they were doing it because the San Antonio Zoo is about to celebrate its first 100 years! Wow! One Hundred years and they are adding some beautiful touches to the Zoo. They are adding a new restaurant and plaza which will be a focal point at the Zoo now, as well as a gorgeous carousel. I am very excited about the carousel and I know your kiddos will be too. 

We got to the Ground breaking a little early Saturday morning so we decided to take a nice walk at Brackenridge Park which is right next to it first. It was a beautiful morning so it was perfect! 
The Zoo finally opened and we grabbed our wrist bands. 
We then walked over to to the demolition site where we were treated with Free Taco Cabana Breakfast! They had a food truck there making tacos and it had yummy salsa and drinks all Free. 
After a quick breakfast we went to go check out what else was going on at the site. Here is the Ice cream Shop before the demolition.  
They had set up some tables near there set up with fun things on them such as:
Face painting, some fun animal toys and huge stuffed snakes!
A very, very long stuffed snake that the kids loved getting to know. 
Bats! A bat home, habitat and how they help farmers produce food.
After a while they announced they were closing off the area and they made some announcements and the demolition started. We watched as they ripped the Ice cream parlor apart until there was only little pieces left. 
My son was so excited watching it all happen, most people don't get to see a building get demolished every day so it was a new experience. Meanwhile I am sure there were others who felt very different. Before the demolition they announced that a couple within the crowd were married on that very deck years ago so I wonder how they must have felt. If it would have been me I would have picked up a piece of the deck to take home. 
We then went to go explore and see some animals.
We had such a great day watching the ground breaking of the Plaza, exploring the Zoo and taking a nice walk at Brackenridge Park. What a great way to spend a Saturday. I cant wait to see the Zoo when all the construction is done. You can check out another fun visit we had at the Zoo here. There sure will be many more to come. If you live in San Antonio head on over and check out the construction. If you are visiting my lovely city then make plans to check it out while you are here. 

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  1. Awe that sucks they tore it down. :(

    I love our zoo but boy it's expensive to go there lol.

    Looks like you guys had a great day!

  2. Thanks for sharing about this fun day! We have been thinking about getting a family zoo membership....this pushes me even more to do it!

  3. We just moved to Texas a few years ago and haven't made it to SA zoo yet but are excited to visit after seeing your pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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