There's Magic Out There: The San Antonio Zoo gets in the Holiday spirit!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The San Antonio Zoo gets in the Holiday spirit!

Saturday morning we left home bright and early to get to the San Antonio Zoo. I had gotten an email from them telling me about the upcoming events and when I read about Santa visiting the zoo and how he would be taking special gifts to the animals... I was in!

Here's a Glimpse of our visit and the fun we had:

First on our path were all the snakes and we were giggling because we are major Harry Potter fans so of course we have to speak parseltongue to them (child at heart). But who doesn't?
We then went to check out the Hippos. They are always so cute. Munchkin was watching them with excitement as they went up on the surface.
Next we went to go feed the Lorikeets and we were super excited because it was the first time we were trying it. I of course open the container excited to put it down so my munchkin can see birds come up to it but instead birds start landing on me! I just burst out laughing in shock of how funny it was!
I'm finally able to put a new container down so I can stop being a perch and just enjoy the birds.
Then we went to go hang out at the Fun Farm. Who doesn't want to go pet some animals and brush there hair? They are so friendly!
Munchkin was excited when we got to Tiny Tot Nature Spot and I think the Zoo has a new little employee. They even sell a cute Zoo keepers outfit in one of the giftshops (Christmas gift idea for a child interested in animals)
Finally we went to go see Santa! (Free) He was set up in the Butterfly Exhibit and to my surprise there were Butterflies still in there! It was nice that while you wait in line you get to see them land on ornaments and fly around you.
They had santa set up with a bunch of stuffed animals that gave it a Zoo touch. You could take pictures with him with your own camera.
While waiting for Santa to be ready to go present a gift to the Elephants, we had some Cookies and Hot cocoa (Free!) They also had a station set up to make natural ornaments. We made some yummy ornament treats for the birds.
Then when Santa was ready he led a parade of kids and parents to the Elephants were he presented them with a yummy present. It was sweet to watch the Elephant open it.
By this time we had been at the Zoo almost 4 hours so we called it a day! We were tired but so happy. We had a great day at the Zoo and made lots of new memories. My munchkin keeps asking me when were going to see Santa give more presents to the animals and we are going back soon to see our favorites from the list.

Every weekend in December Santa will be taking a special gift to the animals of the zoo. Here is the list with dates:

Saturday, Dec 1: Elephants
Sunday, Dec 2: Okapi

Saturday, Dec 8:
Sunday, Dec 9:
Saturday, Dec 15: Bears
Sunday, Dec 16: Porcupines

Saturday, Dec 22: Condors
Sunday, Dec 23: Goats and pigs at Fun Farm

Happy Holidays! 

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  1. i love san antonio and texas! i have family there. thanks for linking up with us!
    new follower, follow back? :D

    1. Thankyou! I love my city and am a proud texan! Im heading over to check you out right now. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hola Alvina!
    Very lovely pictures! Love your blog tag. I am stopping by to share the love and support via the TOTB hop. I am now your newest GFC reader/friend #20! Yaay! Looking forward to getting to know more about you and yours!


    1. Thankyou! Thanks for stopping by and I will go check you out right now!

  3. Wow this seems like a lot of fun! I love the fact that Santa was at the Zoo! :)

    visiting from Think outside the Blog- blog hop :)

    1. Thankyou it was alot of fun! I like seeing santa in various places. Him with the animals was priceless! Im going to go visit you now!

  4. how fun!!! your photos are wonderful...the zoo should give you a promotion commission!! fun having Santa there...
    i am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.
    have a great weekend!

    1. Thankyou! yes santa being there is awesome! My munchkin loved it. Im going to head over right now and check you out! :)

  5. I'm so happy to hear what a great day you had! This is the feeling that all of us - staff, keepers, and volunteers ( that's me) - want all of our guests to have at the end of their day. Hurry back!

    1. Thankyou we did have a great day! Everyone was so kind and friendly and we do appreciate it. We will be back soon since we have a season pass! :)

  6. Wow how awesome! Love the pictures!

    Telly via the blog hop

    1. Thankyou! I love taking pictures! Im kind of a pictureaholic....

      Im checking you out right now!


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