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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Play and Learn December

This past Wednesday we went to the first Play and learn of December at the Central library. We have been going there now for a couple of months and love it! This week the theme was The 5 senses. We didn't have such a great time this week because my munchkin had gotten his wellness check up and shots done the afternoon before. The areas where he got the shots were irritated and sore (I was the same way with shots when I was little) so he was fussy and cranky and just extra irritated himself. But we got through the class and he is feeling alot better now.

So here's a very limited view of Play and Learn this week:
You had a tail sticking out of the box that you could see and touch so that you could guess what was inside. There were various boxes to try out
Here's what was inside the various boxes
Make your shaker!

This was huge! It had various things on the fingers to touch& feel differences on
Feeling the different textures
Various containers with different smells
Tastes, different flavors
I like the various forms they represented the senses. They are simple and could be done at home which I love! Munchkin loved playing with the boxes the most.

Here are our other Play and Learn visits at Central Library:

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Visit #5 Halloween themed
Visit #6 Home themed
Visit #7 Dinosaur Day!
Visit #8 Building

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