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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Happy Trunk: Fun in Food (Review)

My munchkin loves to draw and paint so we are always making something new. You should see our walls, they are covered in his art creations. So when we got a chance to try something new with art involved we were so in! 
When The Happy Trunk came in the mail I was super excited to open it and see what we were making. Munchkin was excited as soon as he saw me pulling out crayons, markers, scissors and paint out of the box.
The Kit we tried out was the Fun in Food kit. The activities were:
  • Fruit and veggie Sponge painting
  • Design your Own Lunch/Snack Bag
  • How things Grow?
  • Make your Own Recipe card Ring
The Box comes with everything you will need to do each of these activities including an instruction card with directions all ready for you to use. We decided to start with Fruit and Veggie Sponge painting. It came with these teeny sponges in various shapes and it said on the card that by dropping them in water they would expand. Well wow! We had fun just growing sponges!
My munchkin started making various foods on the sheets provided. It gave us a good opportunity to talk about types of food and Healthy choices.
Here's his plate with food painted on it.
Next we tried the Design your own Lunch/snack Bag. Munchkin put stickers on one side. He then used the Fabric marker provided to put an "A" on the Bag for his Name.
On the other side he wanted to paint on it and I asked him what he wanted to make and he said a house and a tree. I can see it in his picture and I love it because he made it.
Now we just need to wait for it to be dry before we use it. Lastly we worked on the How things grow project. This one is going to turn out to be my favorite because its going to be a project that hopefully lasts a long time.
You start off with a small clear cup you add in the soil and then the Bean seeds and you watch it grow over time. It was fun and a chance to work on patience because we had to wait for the dried soil pellet to expand and grow and munchkin didn't even get mad. He enjoyed watching it expand then break it up and add in the seeds.
When I told him we were putting it in our window to watch it grow he was excited! This little plant is going to open up the possibilities for conversations on plants and growing and the power of the sun. I'm excited to watch it grow and I'm gonna document it for him in pictures once a week so this is going to be fun.
It had one more project you could do and that was to make Recipe Cards and I'm going to save those for a day when were having a picnic or going to the park so that while I'm making snacks to take He can draw out the pictures to the foods I'm making so that he creates a recipe card in pictures. 

We had lots of fun with The Happy Trunk! I loved that I felt like we had more than enough to create the projects. We have paint, crayons and scissors that we can now use for other art projects we do at home. I had fun doing something different with munchkin and I love that there in themes.

You can sign up to order your own Happy trunk right now at a Holiday special price of 1st month box for $14 and a single box to gift for $14.

Disclosure: Any opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. I was given a Happy trunk to Review, no other compensation was received. Your opinions may vary from mine.

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