There's Magic Out There: May 2013

May 31, 2013

10 yrs ago today I graduated Highschool

Ten years ago today I graduated High school.... yep time sure does fly. I didn't even feel it go by. It seems too fast, too soon and like I'm not ready to accept that its been 10 years. I have been sorta really kinda definitely dreading this day. I knew it was coming... I was constantly being bombarded with news about the 10 year reunion. The planning..."do you want to decorate? plan? raise funds..etc? " The ticket sales "Are you buying now or at the door?" And finally the invites! 

A lot has changed in ten years... my dreams, wishes, view of life and goals. I'm not the same person from the past and while many will say that not being the me of ten years ago is bad, I proudly object. I wouldn't change who I am today for the person I was. I don't want to live in the past, its not good to dwell. I honestly can say I wouldn't change a thing from my past. Why? I think everything happens for a reason. The good, the bad and through it all you live and learn from your mistakes. If I hadn't gone through all the tumbles that led me down this road, I would never have gotten this miracle in life. I would never have been blessed with my son, this child who is now my world. That's why I wouldn't have my life any other way. 

Strolling down memory lane I went through my old high school pictures. I was so proud when I graduated. I was the first one from my family to ever graduate! My dad dropped out in 9th grade to work and help support his family and my mom never even did one single year in school because she grew up working in Mexico, helping her father to support there family. I was very fortunate that even though we went through hard times I was able to go and have an education. 

Here's some pictures of my High school memories:
My graduation invitations

A few of the fun programs and places I went to with school plus awards
I was in ROTC for 4 years! Part of John Jays AFJROTC Tx 782nd, my spirit senior bags and my High school prom invitation
My 18th Birthday I actually celebrated at work! My first job was at Seaworld San Antonio. I was a photographer there for 4 seasons! For my 18th birthday my mom had talked to my manager and they talked to Seaworld to get permission to bring in mariachis and cake and pizza through the employee area to surprise me at work. I had no idea any of this was going to happen. It was late and I was working behind the counter when all of a sudden these mariachis pop out and sing to me! I wanted to cry! My moms boyfriend is the one singing. It was so special and more so because of all the planning and work my mom put into it. I have so many beautiful high school memories at Seaworld such as this one back when they use to have the Shamu you could get on and take pictures with (Im the one on the front and my friend krystle is behind me), my family all getting kissed by belugas and lots more fun times! 
Here's one of my Senior pictures
My graduating class of 2003 Science &Engineering Academy at John Jay Highschool! And of course finally the reason today is special... A picture of me crossing the  stage and getting my diploma. My High school graduation! 

Happy ten years to all my fellow graduates of 2003! May you all be blessed with happiness in life. That these years have brought you wisdom and strength and many happy memories. 

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May 30, 2013

Globetrotter Clinic For kids!

Now everything awesome - kids, basketball, teamwork, and having fun – comes together at destination awesome: Harlem Globetrotter Summer Skills Clinics, the ONLY clinics coached by stars of The Harlem Globetrotters!
Everyone loves The Globetrotters, the stars who always put smiles on kids’ faces. 

At Globetrotter Summer Skills Clinics, our stars coach kids in limited size groups and bring laughs, encouragement and high fives for everyone! Globetrotters direct, motivate, inspire AND entertain, keeping it inclusive and fun for ALL boys and girls, aged 6-12, of ALL skill and experience levels. Each session is $59 and includes a free ticket voucher to see the Globetrotters live in 2014!  But you can save $10 with promo code USFAMILY! Code is valid through 5/31.

Each child will receive: 
  • A free ticket voucher (valued up to $40) to see the Globetrotters during their 2014 World Tour
  • Autographs and photos with the stars!
  • Official Globetrotter certificate of completion with a personalized Globetrotter nickname

Clinic Locations: (These are just the clinics - the games for your tickets are in 200 cities)

Save $10 on registration! Enter the Coupon Code USFAMILY on the cart page after completing your registration

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Woodlawn Theatre Summer Camps! (San Antonio)

Voted as one of the top summer camps in San Antonio! Woodlawn Theatres registration is Now Open for Summer 2013!

Woodlawn Theatre has several 5 star camps to choose from! Whether it's dreaming of singing on Broadway or wishing to one day be a prince or princess on stage. Woodlawn Theatre has the summer camps that's guaranteed fun! Woodlawn Theatre also has Stage Makeup Workshops which will feature fantasy, animals, old age, and more! The Stage Makeup Workshop has different themes that will be taught each day. Students will apply makeup techniques on themselves and other students. 

At the end of each camp is a special performance where each child will show off their skills. The Woodlawn Theatre offers before and after care for each camp 7:30 Am -9 AM and 4PM-6 PM.  They also offer family and multi-camp discounts! 

Let the spotlight shine on your children this summer. Click on this link and save by signing up today. Visit our website for more information!

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Love to Swim &Tumble School (San Antonio &Schertz)

About Love to Swim and Tumble School
Love to Swim and Tumble School’s mission is to develop lifelong swimmers who are confident and masterful. Founded in 2001 by Mary Reilly-Magee, Love to Swim and Tumble School has locations in San Antonio and Schertz that provide swim lessons, tumble lessons, parties, preschool and more! Students range in age from six months to adult, and in skill level from beginner to advanced. For additional information, links to resources and water-related articles, visit
Visit the website for more information about their swim and tumble programs and family-friendly events. Register NOW – they enroll year round!

My readers receive $10 off your first month if you mention my blog "There's magic Out There"!
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May 23, 2013

Splashtown San Antonio plus coupon!

Have you ever been to Splashtown San Antonio? If not here's what you need to know about them:

Disclosure: this is a sponsored Post.

Splashtown San Antonio is an amazing 20 landscaped acres of cool, clean water excitement!

Location - Just 3 minutes north of downtown San Antonio

Our Family Waterpark has something fun for everyone!!!

    * Over 50 Rides & Attractions
    * FREE Life Jackets
    * Covered Public Picnic Area
    * Restaurant & Concessions
    * Dive-In Movies
    * Lockers for Rent
    * Professionaly Trained Lifeguards
    * FREE Parking
    * Restrooms with Shower Facilities
    * Souvenir Shop
    * Special Events

Plus! You can Save $7 Off Admission to Splashtown San Antonio this Summer with this awesome coupon here! Its a great Deal! 

This is an exclusive offer brought to you by

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Fun Learning about Bones at Gummy Lump

I am over at Gummy Lump again this week sharing about our latest learning adventure. This time we are learning about Bones, whats inside of us. Yes this is a huge topic but you can start early with your kiddo and introduce this subject in a fun way. I used play dough, ear cleaners and a puzzle to make this fun and kid friendly. Come over and check it out here

Be sure to follow Gummy Lump with BlogLovin! Never miss another activity, craft or giveaway again. 
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Have you missed any of my other crafts or activities from gummy Lump? 
  • DIY Indoor Zoo
  • DIY Puzzle Piece Keychains
  • DIY Pretend play Garden
  • Mothers Day Jewelry Box & Bracelet
  • Nature Art Hunt Painting!

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    May 17, 2013

    Check out Kidecals Labels!

    Having a kiddo means lots of stuff to keep track of and organize, places to go and plenty of opportunities for your kiddos items to get lost. This is realty! So I was looking for a fun product to help me keep track of my kiddos stuff thats durable, wont damage my items and look good. 

    I heard about Kidecals and they are perfect for my needs! Have you heard of them?

    They have personalized Kids Name Labels which are a must now a days and even more so now that my kiddo will be starting school this Fall. They are super durable, dishwasher safe, washing machine AND dryer safe, and they don't damage surfaces. Love it!

    They have Waterproof Labels that will even be great at the beach, fun Mustache Stickers that are even chalkboard stickers! I don't know about you but I love the mustache craze going on right now.

    Best part of the chalkboard labels are that you can keep reusing them and just write on them again and again for situations like a potluck, party, arts and crafts area and more!

    They have Daycare Labels, personalized clothing labels, Camp Labels and more to fit all your kids needs. And with a growing boy I am sure to have plenty of fun opportunities to use them,which is funny since the creator of theses Kidecals is a mom of boys! Personal experience is always a plus for me when choosing a product and who better than another mom to make a product that works for us! 

    Now if your interested in getting some of your own My Readers Save 15% off Kidecals the most durable waterproof labels on the market use promo code: bestlabels at

    Disclosure: I am being given a complimentary Mega Set of Kidecals package for sharing this information with you. Your experience with this product may vary from mine. This post is a part of

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    May 16, 2013

    Have you checked out The San Antonio Symphony?

    I don't know about you but my son is musical! He hears a beat and he wants to dance. He watches people playing instruments and off he goes to try to find things to mimic the music. I love it! I want to grow his love for music and help it thrive so when I heard about the San Antonio Symphony's Family Series I was intrigued. 

    Have you been to a concert lately? 

    I haven't and a lot of it had to do with the fact that I didn't think my kiddo would sit through it. But now I feel that hes ready for this! This is a family oriented show and even has a fun before activity you can do for free called The Instrument Petting Zoo! 

    The Instrument Petting Zoo is free and starts an hour before the family concert series. Its a special opportunity for children of all ages to try out and play a variety of instruments. How fun is that? Maybe your kiddo will find there calling?

    Don't have any weekend plans? There is a show this weekend called Columbus and his Musical Voyages  May 19th at 2:30 pm. There will be an Instrument petting zoo so make sure you head out there for the fun!

    Cant make it this weekend? Keep up to date with whats going on on Facebook or Twitter!  Hope to see you out there sharing our love for Music!

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    Check out The Kids Bowl Free Program!

    I recently found out about The Kids Bowl Free program and am so excited for Summer to start to try it out! I use to bowl a long time ago before I had my kiddo, but since then nothing! My munchkin is getting bigger and is at a great age to try and learn something new so why not Bowling? It will be a fun thing to do this Summer to escape this Texas heat. 

    WhatKids Bowl Free! A program where you can register your kids to get two free games of bowling per day. Every location has a different schedule so please check your local Bowling centers info section.

    Where: Your own local city bowling centers. Click on your state on the Kids bowl free website and it will give you a listing of bowling centers by city that are participating in the Free program. 

    When: Every location has there own schedule so please when you are looking for a center by your city/state check the blue column for times available for your location. It will have what day it starts this season and ends as well as age requirements and more tidbits.

    How: When you click through the state/city bowling listings you will find the locations available in your area. Click on the location of your choosing and they will ask you for your basic information to register your kiddos.

    What about us? The adults? They have a Family Pass! Which is a special pass that covers 4 adults in a family for 2 games of bowling per day for the season for $24.95.
    Follow Kids Bowl Free on Facebook or Twitter! to stay up to date on all the latest news and fun!

    Have you heard of the program before? I cant wait for the season to start to share with you guys our experience with the program. Let me know if you try it out and how it works for you! 

    Disclosure: I was give a Free family pass from Kids Bowl free. All opinions are my own. 
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    May 12, 2013

    Mothers Day 2013

    Today is a special day for us moms. Today we celebrate us! We celebrate our children above all else who made us who we are today. So today I celebrate the little man in my life who calls me Mommy and fills my heart with love. He gave me a reason, a purpose in life to smile and love. He makes me whole! 
    From the day he was born he changed my life. I find it so special how the first time I felt him in my tummy it was Mothers day! It was like he was telling me Happy Mothers day mommy, I cant wait to meet you! 

    Happy Mothers day to all you mommys out there! Hope your day is Beautiful and full of love! 
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    Project 52: Week 19 (Mothers Day)

    This past week has been a pretty good one besides the storm. We spent a lot of time outdoors and had fun! We chased and got chased around by a lizard. I posted 3 photos of the lizard hiding in a rose bush and a lot of people wrote to me that they couldn't find it! I felt so bad! So I am going to share where the lizard was in all 3 photos. If you haven't seen the pictures and don't want to know yet where the lizard was then dont read ahead past where I marked it! You can find all 3 pictures here not yet marked.

    Now I also had a new post go up on Gummy Lump! I shared how me and my munchkin went on a Nature Hunt and used those items we found to paint with. If you missed seeing it this week then you can find it here.

    Below this line you will see the 3 pictures showing you where the lizard is so only scroll down when you are ready!

    Here they are! 

    Hope you had fun with those pictures! 
    Also today is Mothers Day! (Did you check out my Mothers Day craft? If you missed it you can see it here)Today I celebrate Mothers Day with my family. We will be outside all day having a big family BBQ. It will be a day full of love and Happiness and of course good food. Hope you had a great week and have a beautiful Mothers day! 

    With Much Love from my family to yours
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    May 08, 2013

    Happiness is... (Week 9)

    Happiness is... playing outdoors and finding new friends. This lizard followed us everywhere! Can you spot him? 

    Happiness is... watching our caterpillars grow! Have I told you we collected 5 Caterpillars before we cut the grass and have been taking care of them for almost a week? Its fun and we are learning every day a little more about them.

    Happiness is... This awesome badge! Have you noticed my new badge? 
    Im an official Blogger for Gummy Lump and I love it! My latest blog is about the fun we had creating Art with found items from nature, recyclables and even old toys. Its a lot of fun! Check it out here

    Lisa at Crazy Adventures in parenting has been doing a weekly series called "Happiness Is_____" where every Wednesday she will be having a link up for others to share what Happiness is to them. So go check that out and link up! You can also follow others along with the hash tag #HappinessIs on twitter and Instagram. Hope to see you there spreading the happiness!

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