There's Magic Out There: Our weekend fun seeing The Imagination Movers at SeaWorld San Antonio!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Our weekend fun seeing The Imagination Movers at SeaWorld San Antonio!

Last weekend we woke up bright and early, hardly slept really from excitement for what the day would hold, because we were going to see The Imagination Movers at Seaworld! You see we are a Major Mover loving Family! We have been watching the show forever, know all the songs and even the dance moves. We sadly had never been able to travel to a nearby city to catch a show but when we heard that the Imagination movers where coming to Seaworld San Antonio we knew it was finally our chance to see them LIVE! The Imagination Movers were there for Seaworlds Just for Kids concert series. 

When we got to Seaworld it was rainy, more like heavy drizzle and super cloudy. Umbrellas were everywhere! But we were not going to let rain clouds get in our way of Happiness though, because we knew they were playing at Nautilus Amphitheater which is a covered theater in Seaworld so rain or shine we were there. We were not alone either. In the crowd you could spot a bunch of Imagination Mover t-shirts on kiddos and that got us even more excited. 
Once we got out wrist bands we checked out the entertainment in the area. They had a Meet Franklin booth where my kiddo took a picture with one of our favorite turtles. They had a Dance Party area and more. We grabbed a quick bite before the show and then we were ready! 

Here is my munchkin having fun at the Dance Party! 
The adults who were entertainers and leading the fun were super friendly and energetic. They were definitely not shy and knew just how to get the kids involved and in the mood to party. This was great to have so that your kiddo doesn't get bored and tired of waiting until the show starts. 
Once they opened the gates to the Amphitheater they had tables with Imagination Movers merchandise for sale. It was a dream come true... They had red blinky goggles like Mover Scotts wobble goggles , Cowboy hats like Mover Smittys, red caps like Mover Daves, light up sticks that resembled Mover Richs scribble sticks, t-shirts, posters and more fun!

We picked a seat near the middle where the stage is set up since it extends out in the middle for closer interaction with the audience (which we were hoping for).  Once the Movers came out on stage they were amazing! They had everyone in the audience singing along and dancing. 
They were very interactive! They kept walking through out the audience and reaching out to the kiddos (like mine who excitedly touched there hands) as they walked by and even ran by. They even signed a couple peoples items. I noticed them take turns and sign a childs hat. How awesome is that? They made that childs day for sure!

My Munchkin was so happy with the show that I will admit he cried when they left the stage and I told him it was done. I promised him we would see it again since luckily they were doing TWO shows this day (Lucky us) and he settled down. We went off to get wristbands for the 2nd show and took a snack break. 

This time we got a closer seat in the theater. Looking around the Audience there were many people with 2 wristbands which to me tells me that the Imagination Movers have very loyal fans in San Antonio who had to see there show twice! 
My friend Takeisha snapped up this picture of my munchkin with Mover Dave.
They played a bunch of fan favorites including one of my favorite songs "Shakable You", they sang a song for all us Mothers in the audience (many with crushes on them), "Mother In You". And they even sang A One direction song "What makes you Beautiful". They brought along Kyle and he was a great bonus to the team since he is an Excellent drummer! Him and Rich had major drummer fun, so much that broken drum sticks were involved (that were quickly snatched up by audience members). Rich even gave a set of drum sticks to an audience member who seemed beyond happy to get them. 

The day was awesome at Seaworld even cloudy as it was, my munchkins feet hurt from all the dancing and fun but it was worth it and The Imagination Movers are even more awesome in person than we ever could imagine! Now any time my son is watching them on Tv he can brag that he saw them LIVE too! The memories will live on in all the awesome pictures we got that day. And as for the Just for Kids Concert series... I think Seaworld needs to change the name to Just for Kids and Kids at Heart concert series because the kid in me was super happy. 

Did you see the Imagination Movers concert at Seaworld or did you catch another concert there? Or have you ever seen a Movers concert in your area? How much fun was it?
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  1. my kids are older so I have never seen them...but it sure looks like your little one had a total blast!

  2. I agree, it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! I'd definitely do it again, if given the chance!!

  3. Aw what a great time!! My kids love the Imagination Movers too! Wish we were in San Antonio!!

  4. I think I'll hide this post from my kids, because I'm nowhere near as a fun a mom as you are!

  5. Oh how neat! I wish I had known they were here! I would have loved to take Luke!

  6. I took my nephew to Imagination Movers three years ago. He loved it. They do a great show.

  7. So much fun! I wish the Imagination Movers came to Dubai!

  8. How fun, look at those smile!!

    I found your blog through the lovin weekend blog hop!


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