There's Magic Out There: February 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Monster Valentine Card Holder

This was my kiddos first Valentines day at school, so in honor of such a special occasion we made a special box together. We made a love Monster! 
We used a big empty cereal box, since we wanted to make sure that treats would fit inside we used a double bag cereal box. I then measured out the size of mouth I wanted using scrap paper. Then I cut into the box to make the mouth. 
I then used heavy stock paper to make the teeth. I measured against the mouth opening then glued it in from the inside. 
Then munchkin glued googly eyes to the face. Lots of them!  
Here is the face now
Then all around the back areas he covered it in hearts! 
Lastly I traced his hands and made some arms and glued the hand cut outs to the arms and box to create the monsters arms! Ta-da! Love Monster Box complete! 
Here is my munchkin modeling his new Valentines Day Card box holder! 
Hope you have fun making your own. Happy Valentines Day! 
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happiness is___ {2014-W1}

Happiness is... Sunshine! This past weekend was Sunshine central. We really needed that little bit of warmth after all the cold weather we have gone through and are actually going through right now.

Happiness is... My dad having surgery go super great. So thankful for his health! 

Happiness is crafting. Me and my kiddo made a super cute Valentine card holder box for school that I cant wait to share. 

Happiness is my Munchkins smile! 

Now to bombard you with pictures of my happiness!
Lisa at Crazy Adventures in parenting has a weekly series called "Happiness Is_____" where every Wednesday she will be having a link up for others to share what Happiness is to them. So go check that out and link up! You can also follow others along with the hashtag #HappinessIs on twitter and Instagram. Hope to see you there spreading the happiness!
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Saturday, February 8, 2014

My #SA2020 Resolutions

I haven't made a real set of goals for this year and since its already February I think its about time I got started on that (Im a serious procrastinator as you can tell). During this time that I have been thinking about where to start my goals, Colleen Pence from San Antonio Mom Blogs shared her news that she was a SA2020 Resolution leader and I said to myself I know where Im starting now! 

So I looked through the list of 19 SA2020 Resolution leaders and made my own Resolutions from those on the list that will help my community and me. 

So here it goes:

My 2014 SA2020 Resolutions List:

1. Resolve to use Re-usable Shopping Bags: I have a bunch of reusable shopping bags and need to remember to carry a couple around so I can slowly go plastic free. But when I do get plastic bags I will also resolve to reuse them and not let them just get wasted (Already do this 99% of the time)

2. Resolve to give up Plastic water bottles: This will be a tough one because I love water bottles and have been trying to up my daily water drinking. So I am first of all going to get some water reusable water bottles and try to slowly make it a habit to reduce my water bottle usage. I cant expect to change a habit from one day to the next but . 

3. Resolve to Collect Books for Kids: I am a major Book Lover and my kiddo has too many at home. So I want to donate some to go towards Denise Barkhurst's Goal of 2020 Books that will go to children. If you have extra books at home that you would like to donate be sure to reach out to so that we can help her reach her goal. 

4. Resolve to go Downtown: By attending more activities downtown we are helping our city thrive economically. Plus who doesn't love our downtown honestly? 

5. Resolve to take the stairs and take more walks: I have to really do this more often. I hate stairs because of my bad knees but I cant let that be an excuse forever. I worry about my health and taking the stairs more often is a step in the right direction. I already go on walks but I need to increase my distance and walk more often. I've already said drink more water so overall I Resolve to be Healthier this year! 

6. Resolve to help fund and attend more Art events: Fund by getting a membership to one of the local museums and by going more often to them as well. When possible use social media to promote museum events so others in our city can attend as well. 

7. Resolve to go to parks: Introduce my munchkin to more local parks and be more active! This will be fun. 

8. Resolve to Volunteer! Whether it be with my time or in person or even through social media. Volunteer! Help a cause by spreading the word,  encourage high schoolers to fill out there Fafsa or get people to register to vote. These things will help your community grow and thrive!

Hope you check out the SA2020 Resolution Leaders and join along in there causes and make some of them your own. Be sure to hashtag #SA2020Resolutions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and G+ so that we can all share together, encourage and follow each others journey. 
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Checking out The 7th Annual Western Heritage Parade & Cattle Drive

This past weekend we went to The 7th Annual Western Heritage Parade & Cattle Drive for the very first time. I didnt know what to expect and was greatly surprised with a fun time with cattle, horses and more. To make it even better I even got to touch a horse! This event helped kick off the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo and it was the prefect way to get San Antonio in the Rodeo mood, which you could tell from the people decked out in Cowboys boots and hats that San Antonio was ready!   

Here are some pictures from the Parade and Cattle Drive   
We even saw Miss Rodeo Texas ! 
The parade was about an hour long but felt much quicker with so many people and animals going by. I also want to add in that I was very happy to see the students from John Jay High School out there walking behind the animals and cleaning up. Its a job no one wants to do and they were very awesome and cheerful along the route and even the crowd recognized them as they passed with claps and cheers. The Animals along the route were amazing and seeing all the flags along the route made my heart very happy. As a local from San Antonio I cant believe I haven't been to the parade before. Now more than ever I know this will become a tradition for years to come. I recommend it for all the locals and even more so for the tourists who come into town for the Rodeo. 

Now Lets Rodeo San Antonio! 

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

January where did you go?

Happy New Year guys! This is my first official post here on my own Blog for 2014. What do I mean by first official post? Well, I'm lucky to be a contributor on a couple other sites and I have a couple posts that already came out this year. I hope you have checked them out but in case you missed them here's a sneak peak of those so you can stop on by. I would gladly appreciate it.

So what have I been up to? Where have I been? Let see...
Right around the strike of New years we saw these 3 hovering lights above us and they seemed to be following each other in a triangle formation. My brother said Aliens! I snapped a quick photo and we giggled about it until we saw real news reports about lights just like this being seen in Southern states that same night! Lights that no one could identify. Crazy right? We had a "The Truth is out There" moment
Our kitchen went through major Home Repairs! Everything got moved and we got a new floor. We got a new counter and shelves and sink and more! Meanwhile all this was going on we couldn't cook. And if you know me then you know I cook 99% of the time every meal we eat. Well I went crazy and it stinks because it coincided with the week long stomach bug my family went through. My kiddo threw up 10 times on one day then it just spread from family member to family member till the house was a Hot zone of infection. Thankfully we finally felt better and my first cooked meal in the new kitchen was chicken soup. Ps this photo was of my kiddo putting the first drops of paint on the wall to bless our new kitchen. 
If you live in the south then you know how rough it was during this month with the unusually low temps (said not sarcastically REALLY). How yes school was cancelled and our cities shut down. Well it was scary! And our city to make light of this time used the hashtag #Raspageddon to chronicle it across social media. Meanwhile if you are in a Northern state you made some pretty memorable memes about us. 
And of course when little bits of sunshine and warmth shined through we went outdoors and soaked it up! That is how I spent most of January.

Thank you for following along on my journey and you can bet you will see me here a lot more often! Happy Chinese New year guys! 
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