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Saturday, February 1, 2014

January where did you go?

Happy New Year guys! This is my first official post here on my own Blog for 2014. What do I mean by first official post? Well, I'm lucky to be a contributor on a couple other sites and I have a couple posts that already came out this year. I hope you have checked them out but in case you missed them here's a sneak peak of those so you can stop on by. I would gladly appreciate it.

So what have I been up to? Where have I been? Let see...
Right around the strike of New years we saw these 3 hovering lights above us and they seemed to be following each other in a triangle formation. My brother said Aliens! I snapped a quick photo and we giggled about it until we saw real news reports about lights just like this being seen in Southern states that same night! Lights that no one could identify. Crazy right? We had a "The Truth is out There" moment
Our kitchen went through major Home Repairs! Everything got moved and we got a new floor. We got a new counter and shelves and sink and more! Meanwhile all this was going on we couldn't cook. And if you know me then you know I cook 99% of the time every meal we eat. Well I went crazy and it stinks because it coincided with the week long stomach bug my family went through. My kiddo threw up 10 times on one day then it just spread from family member to family member till the house was a Hot zone of infection. Thankfully we finally felt better and my first cooked meal in the new kitchen was chicken soup. Ps this photo was of my kiddo putting the first drops of paint on the wall to bless our new kitchen. 
If you live in the south then you know how rough it was during this month with the unusually low temps (said not sarcastically REALLY). How yes school was cancelled and our cities shut down. Well it was scary! And our city to make light of this time used the hashtag #Raspageddon to chronicle it across social media. Meanwhile if you are in a Northern state you made some pretty memorable memes about us. 
And of course when little bits of sunshine and warmth shined through we went outdoors and soaked it up! That is how I spent most of January.

Thank you for following along on my journey and you can bet you will see me here a lot more often! Happy Chinese New year guys! 
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