There's Magic Out There: February 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Easter Basket Cupcakes

I wanted to share with you the cupcakes I made last year for my family's Easter BBQ. They are super easy to make and cute too! Plus they make great treats to give as gifts!

For the cupcake itself use whatever recipe you normally use. Lets just say for this purpose you already made the cupcakes and let them cool off. 


  • Rainbow Twizzlers
  • Bunny Peeps
  • Candy Grass
  • Jelly Beans/candy eggs
  • Frosting

Now that your cupcakes are cool gather your materials. At my local grocery store every year they have edible grass in various colors. Its one giant long strand rolled up like a rope in the package. I get clean scissors just for the purpose of cooking and cut off a piece of the strand. I then cut up the grass into small little snippets. I put that to the side. (This will work almost like sprinkles)

I then frosted my cupcakes in chocolate so that it looked like dirt. Of course you can do this in any color you want. I then while the frosting was still fresh put the snippets of candy grass onto the frosting so that now I have a base of dirt with grass. 

I then used a package of Rainbow Twizzlers. It literally has various colors of Twizzlers in one pack instead of the normal all red package. I separate one out from the bunch and I dig one end into one edge of the cupcake then the other end into the opposite side so as to form a handle for my basket. This is another reason why you don't want your cupcake still warm because it will break apart when the Twizzlers go through, but when cooled off it will fit right in and stay firm. 

Now I had my basket with grass and I grab a bunny to put inside. I used the bunny peeps to do this and they are fun because they come in different colors! You will most likely have to shorten the peeps height but that will also depend on the size of Twizzlers you use. Just use scissors and cut to fit if needed. 

I then got a bag of jelly beans to use as Easter eggs in my cupcake basket and some are speckled so they look like eggs even more so! 

Ta-da! You now have an Easter Basket cupcake! 
You can make these with various candies and different sized eggs. I made some using gum eggs and hard candy eggs. I also used little bunny toppers on some, and some are just baskets with only eggs so just be creative, have fun and Enjoy!
Hope you have a great Easter with these on your table! 

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Having Fun at the Park

A couple of weeks ago we checked out an old Park we hadn't been to in over a year. It had gotten a new walking trail and we were excited to try it out. 

Here are some pictures of our adventure! 

It was fun to look all around at nature. 
At the end of the trail there was a really cute park playground where we took a break and played! It was fun!! 
Play Time... Fun Time! 
Its always fun to discover a new place! It got us outdoors walking and enjoying nature, so I think we might be finding other trails to go on adventures. 

Whens the last time you took a walk with your family? 

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Project 52: Week 8

Project 52: Week 8

Hi there! Another week has come and gone so quickly! Can you believe February is ending in a couple of days and then its March! Yep, too quick. Not only that but this year Easter is in March so if you haven't started planning, then you are already late. Don't worry, its not your fault! We normally celebrate Easter in April so this year it just sneaks in right after St. Patrick's day. 
This past week we went to SeaWorld San Antonio for Wild Days and had lots of fun! It was our first visit of the new season and we cant wait to go back! We had fun wearing some new fashionable pieces in our hair and we started getting ready for Easter! yep, I went through the storage and got out all the Easter baskets and grass and fun eggs. I also have been making pretty much only scrambled eggs (instead of sunny side up) so I can save the eggs in order to make cascarones. Its so much fun to make your own cascarones rather than spending money on them. 

How was your past week? Share your Project 52 with me! 

If you are looking for some fun St. Patricks Day ideas check out my St. Patricks Day board on Pinterest!

I also have a Board full of yummy food, basket ideas and decorations for Easter so check that out! 
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Friday, February 22, 2013

SeaWorld San Antonio Wild Days!

This past weekend my family and I got a chance to learn a little more about the animals around us at SeaWorld San Antonio during Wild Days. My munchkin probably didn't even notice he was learning about the conservation of animals but instead was having so much fun watching them walk, fly and jump on stage. 

Here's a glimpse of the fun we had: 

We arrived bright and early for our first visit of the new season.

Munchkin posing in front of the fountain. You can see Aquatica in the background! In Texas its Hot almost always so I'm glad its opening March 2nd for its 2nd season. 
This weekend we came to enjoy Wild days! I was excited because I wanted to see what animals they would be showing and I knew munchkin would love it.

While kids were waiting for the Wild Days shows to start there was a big section roped off full of chalk so kids could grab some chalk and draw all over the place. It was a good distraction for the kids, plus they could check out someone making some special work of art.
In the area around the show they also had Live music and characters walking around for people to take pictures with. Plus some special booths with a kids activity where they could learn about an animal, and even one where they had items you could buy to support the conservation of animals.
We then got ready to watch the show! It was fun and informative for all ages. They had professor Globentrotter on the screen sharing his adventures with us while they would bring out various fun animals on the stage. They would let you know about each animal and what is going on with them in the world. Some of the animals are endangered and they were telling us what we can do to help! They ran the show in a fun way so that the kids got great information while never noticing they were learning and a lucky few of them even got to go on stage and say hello to some of the animals.      
After the show we took a walk to see the lake. It is always such a beautiful sight! Munchkin loves peaking over and seeing all the fish. They are huge!
We then took a quick look through Bay of Play and took a picture with Bert and Ernie! 
We then went to go see The Sea Lions! They are so awesome swimming around and catching fish and even some squid! 
We ended our day after eating some yummy pizza and cant wait to head back out there and have more fun! This weekend is the final weekend of Wild Days so head on out and enjoy the animals! Hope to see you out there and especially when Aquatica opens. I will be the one with munchkin playing in the sand.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Central Library Play and Learn 2013

Here we are back again at Play and Learn! We had really been missing our weekly visit downtown to Central Library. A lot had been going on and we had not been able to make it. Luckily we are getting back into our routine! We only got to make it to one session in January and this Play and Learn was under the Sea themed (munchkin loves sea life and I bet your kiddos do too!). 

Here's a glimpse of the fun we had:

Munchkin with Tia reading before Play and Learn starts
At the beginning of every Play and Learn they always read the kiddos a story to go along with the theme of the day. 
Next they bring out the fun and let the kids loose to explore the various activities of the day. They had stuffed animal sea creatures for the kiddos to use there imagination and play with.
They had sensory bottles that represented the beach sand, the waves from the ocean, rocks, pebbles and shells. These are always fun and easy to make at home.
They also had plenty of rubber/plastic sea creatures that munchkin had a blast with! He was playing with the shark while doing the Jaws theme. 
They had a boat made out of a cardboard box and had an area for the kids to go fishing for the alphabet. This is lots of fun and a great opportunity to do some letter learning in a creative way. 
They had it so you could match up the lower case with the upper case letters
This giant sheet of paper was set up so you could make your own seahorse and put it in the ocean along with its buddies. It was very cute! 
On our way out from having fun each kiddo could pick up a treat (treasure) to take home with them to keep! My munchkin was so happy with his treasure. 
We had lots of fun and were sad to go home. Munchkin always feels bad when its over but hes happy when I tell him we can go again next week! Play and Learn is Free to all! There is no registration so just show up ready to have fun with your kiddos.  

Right now there are Play and Learn sessions going on every Tuesday 10 am- 11:30 am through March 12 at The Woodlawn Lake community Room and every Friday 10 am -11:30 am through March 15 at Westfall Branch library

Check out our Play and Learn visits at Central Library from 2012: (They each were a different theme to learn that day)

Visit #1 Welcome!
Visit #2 Body parts, bones themed
Visit #3 Animal themed
Visit #4 Music themed
Visit #5 Halloween themed
Visit #6 Home themed
Visit #7 Dinosaur Day!
Visit #8 Building themed
Visit #9 The 5 senses themed

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happiness Is...

Happiness Is... (Week 3)

Happiness is... Family, having time to relax and have fun with them

Happiness is... Imagination! This week I have been crafting and painting, I love it! Especially when it includes my munchkin. 
Happiness is... enjoying the sunshine
Happiness is... Realizing how Happy you are in your life and knowing you deserve it. 

Happiness is... How this week San Antonio has been showing everyone that we know have to have fun! This Harlem Shake craze has gone viral! Just a couple of days ago SeaWorld San Antonio made this awesome video which features a walrus and Sea lions! It is awesome!  

Lisa at Crazy Adventures in parenting has been doing a weekly series called "Happiness Is_____" where every Wednesday she will be having a link up for others to share what Happiness is to them. So go check that out and link up! You can also follow others along with the hashtag #HappinessIs on twitter and Instagram. Hope to see you there spreading the happiness!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Haute" Fashion with Flexy

I'm so excited to tell you guys about a fun fashionable find I got to try out. In my opinion its great for all ages depending on your style. Its called Fashion FlexyIts a mix of hair accessories and jewelry that you can use as hair ties but also when not in use double as bracelets. It helps people like me a lot! I like to have my hair down when its cold but then as soon as I get a little hot, up it goes and I always worry I wont be able to find a hair tie. Now I can always carry one around my wrist and you would think it was just another accessory.

Let me show you the neat stuff I got to try out:

Here's some fun pictures of them on:

There are so many styles to choose from depending on the occasion and you can even special order some for special events such as business, charity, Runs, etc. The prices are pretty great too, most start as low as $2 (without charm)! I think thats great if you have a big group of girls for a sleep over/birthday party and want to get them each a little special keepsake of the night. 

I like how soft they were and the many choices you have for charms or colors and types of hair ties. Not only that but they also made earrings, necklaces and rings to match. That way they really get incorporated into your style. My favorite was the heart charm. It was a great touch to my hair on Valentines Day.

So go and check them out on there website Fashion Flexy or keep up with them on Twitter and Facebook

Disclosure: I received the Fashion Flexy hair ties Free to test out. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Your experience may vary from mine. 

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Have you tried Glade Expressions?

I know most of you have heard of Glade. I love it and have used it many times but for the first time I got to try out Glade Expressions. They are the more fashionable side of Glade. 
The fragrance mist is awesome! Its funny how you squeeze it, Its easy to use.  Plus its a peekaboo kind of container where you can switch the scents in and out. I tried out the Cotton scent and I actually like it. It was the only one available at the store and I felt disappointed because I actually wanted to try lavender but once I did try cotton I loved it! It was so fresh and a clean scent. (I still want to try lavender though). 

I also got to try out The Oil diffuser in pineapple and that is so strong smelling! It would be great for a bathroom or a large room where you need it most. It smells really yummy and tropical even and I like that. 

Have you tried Glade Expressions? Which scent is your favorite?

Disclosure: I am a Bzzz Agent. I have received this item free to try out and Review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Your experience may vary from mine. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Have you tried Schick Hydro silk?

I am so excited to be telling you about the first item I had a chance to check out Thanks to Bzzz and its the Schick Hydro Silk. Ok girls I know its winter but I'm in Texas so it gets pretty hot sometimes here even in winter. I've been wearing my shorts every so often and I need to have shorts ready legs. 

So when I got this in the mail I was super excited to try it and see the difference between this and the other brands. Ok I will admit that with razors I am pretty cheap. I think that since its only shaving all brands must be pretty much the same. But oh boy was I wrong! 

This razor was so smooth on my skin and gentle that I feel bad for my legs for mistreating them before. But never again! I know about Schick now and you should give it a try it too! 

Disclosure: I am a Bzzz Agent. I have received this item free to try out and Review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Your experience may vary from mine.