There's Magic Out There: Project 52: Week 8

Monday, February 25, 2013

Project 52: Week 8

Project 52: Week 8

Hi there! Another week has come and gone so quickly! Can you believe February is ending in a couple of days and then its March! Yep, too quick. Not only that but this year Easter is in March so if you haven't started planning, then you are already late. Don't worry, its not your fault! We normally celebrate Easter in April so this year it just sneaks in right after St. Patrick's day. 
This past week we went to SeaWorld San Antonio for Wild Days and had lots of fun! It was our first visit of the new season and we cant wait to go back! We had fun wearing some new fashionable pieces in our hair and we started getting ready for Easter! yep, I went through the storage and got out all the Easter baskets and grass and fun eggs. I also have been making pretty much only scrambled eggs (instead of sunny side up) so I can save the eggs in order to make cascarones. Its so much fun to make your own cascarones rather than spending money on them. 

How was your past week? Share your Project 52 with me! 

If you are looking for some fun St. Patricks Day ideas check out my St. Patricks Day board on Pinterest!

I also have a Board full of yummy food, basket ideas and decorations for Easter so check that out! 
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  1. Yeah the time is flying by - our wedding is on 4 May and the counter of my phone reminds me daily how close it is :)

    I am late with Easter *sigh* - there is just so much else in between then and now but there will be eggs and what not.

    Thats a loooooong snake :)


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