There's Magic Out There: Central Library Play and Learn #5

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Central Library Play and Learn #5

Wednesday morning bright and early off we went to The Central library for Play and Learn. We were excited because we knew that since it was Halloween the Play and Learn was going to have a special spooky theme. Most of the kids were in costume and it was lots of fun once we got there. Here's a glimpse of the Play and Learn:

Played Ants Pants game :)

Fall/Halloween books
Playdough with pumpkin spice
Fall colored magnets
Fall sensory tub 

Doesnt that look like tons of fun? We had a great morning and even got candy and a new frame to put our pumpkin picture in. Remember that Play and Learn is free! Yes free! A great opportunity for kids to make new friends and learn something new while playing. You can always check out the calender on San Antonio Public library and see what free activities and programs are going on around you. Hope to see you out there!

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  1. This looks awesome! Is there a huge group of kids? My son is really timid.

    1. I cant really tell you about group size because it fluctuates. Since its open to anyone who wants to bring there kids and you dont need to register or sign up beforehand it makes it hard to give you an honest number. Im sorry. But everyone is very friendly and Ive never seen more than 10 kids in the group. And yes it is awesome!

  2. Nice! This is good. I was afraid of like, 50 kids being there lol

    1. oh no! not that many (not that theres anything wrong with too many kids)


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