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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Yesterday was Halloween and I cant believe its over. Today we went outside with boxes and packed up all the decorations. It felt kinda sad and munchkin was all "nooooo" because he loves the spookiness. This is the first year he has understood that there are Holidays and celebrations that come at different times of the year. So I told him that it was OK that we were cleaning up Halloween decorations because pretty soon we were going to be outside putting Christmas decorations (we just keep a couple pumpkins out for Thanksgiving) and that was going to be a big!

And yes, I like other moms am plotting hiding all the candy we have at home now (don't worry its not too much) because we are not really big candy people, but I think because we see it were eating eat and that's not working well.

I wanted to share with you some snapshots of our night last night as we handed out candy (mainly to friends) and celebrated Halloween:
Our beautiful cat Gilbert
The treats
My dinosaur!

Yes munchkin had costume changes, He was Frankenstein and the dinosaur costume we actually bought at goodwill and it turned out great! He had lots of fun with friends and ate yummy treats. Overall it was a good night and we saw special people and took lots of pictures to keep as memories. I already cant wait for next years Halloween! How was your Halloween?


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