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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Learning your Alphabet with chalk Art

This week we have been working on the Letter H and yesterday was such a beautiful day that we couldn't spend it indoors. So out we went outside and brought out the chalk and started having fun!
I asked my munchkin to help me decorate the driveway with letters! It was a good chance to practice his letter writing skills with a fun object like chalk so off he went making various letters and they looked awesome!
In the meantime I was also making letters everywhere and asking him to identify them for me or helping him out with his letter writing. It ended up becoming a collage of our letters mixed together.
I then started making shapes and he did too and we were identifying them all on the floor by letters, colors and shapes now.
And yes as you can tell that led to making holiday designs. I made a snowman and my sister made a turkey and then her own snowman. Munchkin had so much fun coloring and drawing and making letters while being outside under the sun with a nice breeze.
Isnt having fun the best way to learn? How long has it been since you went outside and went chalk crazy?

If you and your kids are into chalk art then you need to check out this free event they have every year in San Antonio which is Chalk It Up! This years event already passed but its never too early to get excited for next years event. Check out the fun we had at this years event: Chalk It Up 2012 
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