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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Catching up...

Alot has been going on this past week. We celebrated Thanksgiving then Black Friday rushed by. My First giveaway (Thank you Melissa&Doug) just ended and today is my birthday! I wanted to catch up with everyone and let ya'll know I'm still here! Its only been a week but It feels like forever!

OK lets see... Thanksgiving went by too fast! I hardly slept. I cooked a bunch of turkey and yummy food that was shared with my loved ones. My munchkin loved the turkey and I was glad because so far he hadn't been into Turkey. We did some fun Thanksgiving crafts and felt really full!

That afternoon my sister and mom went out black Friday shopping. They drank alot of Starbucks and there arms and legs hurt from carrying stuff but from what they said... it was alot of fun!

Then that weekend I went on a decorating palooza! I digged through the storage and got out the tree and we put it up in the house and decorated it. Munchkin loved putting ornaments on the tree (I gave him a a handful of nonbreakable ones) except that he would put them all on the same branch on top of each other. I then set upon a huge task of putting up lights on the house and was exhausted from that! We had no ladder so I had to get on a chair and stretch with a hook to try to get the lights on the nails we use every year. I was grouchy because it was alot of trouble to get it on but in the end I was happy and loved how they came out.

Last night My Melissa& Doug Giveaway ended and a winner was announced! Nekisha R Won! She was contacted and has already responded and is excited to get her toy soon. I want to Thank everyone for entering! It was my first giveaway and I'm glad you guys all stopped by. I hope you will stick around!

Lastly today is My Birthday! Yep... I am 28 years old now.

Lets see.... I'm not where I saw my life being at this age. I Had very different goals and dreams and desires 10 yrs ago than I do now. Alot of people might see it as a failure that I'm not where I thought I would be. But, I see it very differently. I have my son, my family, good health and friends and I'm happy. I wouldn't trade my life for any dream that I had years ago because none could compare to now. I have new dreams and goals and wishes. Yes, every now and then I think of the past and my life and resent things that have gone wrong but I'm a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason. There's always a lesson to be learned. I have grown and now my life took me down this path and I'm going to see where it leads me. I hope your here to follow along with me.

Thanks for Catching up with me!

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