There's Magic Out There: Checking out The 7th Annual Western Heritage Parade & Cattle Drive

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Checking out The 7th Annual Western Heritage Parade & Cattle Drive

This past weekend we went to The 7th Annual Western Heritage Parade & Cattle Drive for the very first time. I didnt know what to expect and was greatly surprised with a fun time with cattle, horses and more. To make it even better I even got to touch a horse! This event helped kick off the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo and it was the prefect way to get San Antonio in the Rodeo mood, which you could tell from the people decked out in Cowboys boots and hats that San Antonio was ready!   

Here are some pictures from the Parade and Cattle Drive   
We even saw Miss Rodeo Texas ! 
The parade was about an hour long but felt much quicker with so many people and animals going by. I also want to add in that I was very happy to see the students from John Jay High School out there walking behind the animals and cleaning up. Its a job no one wants to do and they were very awesome and cheerful along the route and even the crowd recognized them as they passed with claps and cheers. The Animals along the route were amazing and seeing all the flags along the route made my heart very happy. As a local from San Antonio I cant believe I haven't been to the parade before. Now more than ever I know this will become a tradition for years to come. I recommend it for all the locals and even more so for the tourists who come into town for the Rodeo. 

Now Lets Rodeo San Antonio! 

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  1. what an amazing site seeing all the cattle in the street. I love watching parades.

  2. This looks fun!! I love a good parade!!

  3. Everyone loves a good parade. This looked like a lot of fun.

  4. This looks fun! How was the traffic/crowd situation?

  5. Oh wow. That looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing on Wherever Wednesday!

  6. Wow that looks awesome.. I wish we knew about this.. WE've been to the Ft Worth Stock Yards which is awesome..


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