There's Magic Out There: Having fun at the San Antonio Children's Museum

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Having fun at the San Antonio Children's Museum

This past Wednesday after going to Play and Learn at Central Library we went to one of our favorite places to have fun at... The San Antonio Children's Museum! It was still pretty cold outside and The Children's Museum is a great place to bring your kids to play where they can be warm.

When you walk in the first thing that always catches my eye is the PowerBall Hall. Its pretty awesome to look at. Munchkin loved running around to get balls and put them in various tubes. It makes a child think about action/reaction. If I put this ball here then turn this here then this happens. Its fun to see your child use problem solving skills while playing. He even ran underneath the Ball drop!
Next Munchkin went to play at the Old market where he got behind the counter and helped me with my order and rang me up on the register.

We then went shopping at the HEB kids market. This is a must see play area!
Then I sat down and had a nice waiter take my order (Munchkin)
Afterwards it turns out we went on a good day because they had a Pint size Science Lesson (free with museum admission) We made our own Bubble Bath, learned about shaving cream and about oil and water.
We ended the day with a Plane ride. We had such a great day and made many new memories. It was a great way to spend a weekday indoors. My munchkin had lots of fun and we will be back soon!

You can check them out too! The San Antonio Children's Museum has a free night for parents and kids every third Tuesday from 5-7 pm.

Check out how The San Antonio Childrens Museum rings in the new year : Monday, December 31 (10:00 am- 1:00 pm)

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  1. Love the museum. Looks like you guys had lots of fun :)

    1. yes we did have lots of fun! Its one of our favorite places too

  2. I love the San Antonio Children's Museum!!

  3. My son loves the PowerBall Hall part so much that he refers to the whole museum as "The Ball Factory." English majors, is that what's called "synecdoche"?

    1. thats so cute! It always takes some convincing to get my munchkin to want to see more. But when he goes to a different area he gets stuck again!

  4. Another great museum to add to our must-see list! Thanks for sharing at Discover & Explore. I'll be featuring this post Tuesday, too.


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