There's Magic Out There: Project 52: Week 25

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Project 52: Week 25

This past week was good and bad for us. Being in San Antonio from the moment I was old enough to understand anything I was already a Spurs fan. As I grew older I became more in love with our team. Now my kiddo is a Spurs fan too! So this huge loss was heartbreaking but none the less as a true fan I still love my Spurs! The love I saw everywhere for our team after the loss was unbelievable. People lined the streets after the game still cheering on our team. The Spurs were greeted with love when they arrived home after the game and still only happiness is being spread from our fans. I hope that speaks greatly to you about San Antonio if you ever plan on visiting. 

This week we also hanged out with my friend Veronica and her kiddos at the Zoo. If your looking for thrifty tips or more information on Barefoot Books my friend Veronica is your gal! 

While still on the subject of Zoo fun, this week I was over at Gummy Lump sharing my new activity for this week which is an Eric Carle inspired Zoo Adventure book! Its spun from the Beloved Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Check it out and have an adventure of your own! Plus see the rest of my zoo fun here.

Finally this week we officially welcomed Summer! Hi there Summer! How was your week? 
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