There's Magic Out There: 75 Days of Summer Fun ideas!

June 08, 2013

75 Days of Summer Fun ideas!

There's only a short number of days before my kiddo heads off to school for the first time. Actually its so small that its less than 80 now! I am a mixture of feelings right now. I am grumpy, fearful, happy and sad and many more all balled up in one. To know that my munchkin will soon be walking through his schools doors for the first time is too much emotion at once but I know its meant to be and good for his future. 

So to make this summer all it can be I have made a list of all the fun things and places we want to go and see before he starts school.

1. Play at our neighborhood park              
2. Collect Sea Shells                             
4. Fly Kites
5. Explore The Alamo
6. Head out to the Missions
7. Take a train ride
8. Have fun with friends
9. Catch some fireflies
10. Hang out with Pets
11. Have fun at The Tower of The Americas
12. Stay cool at the local Childrens museum
13. Paint Outside
14. Explore Morgans Wonderland  
15. Lay on the trampoline at night &watch the stars come out
17. Hang out with Shamu at Seaworld
18. Play Basketball
20. Have a Dance Party!
22. Have a picnic in the Park
24. Take a walk on the Riverwalk
26. Have fun in the Garden planting
27. Go to the Beach
28. Make a beach memento 
29. Make a sand castle
30. BBQ! BBQ! BBQ!
31. Go Bowling
32. Take a nature walk at the Botanical gardens
33. Blow Bubbles!
34. Go see Dinosaurs at the Witte
35. Make our own Banana Splits
36. Take a hike on a nature trail
37. Enjoy some fireworks
39. Ride a carousel
41. Go bike riding
43. Watch caterpillars turn into butterflies
44. Read some books at the library
45. Catch a movie in the theater
46. Eat Raspa!
47. Head out to Splashtown 
49. Go fishing
51. Have a  scavenger hunt
52. Watch the sunrise
53. Have fun in the Kitchen
55. Take lots of photos of our adventures
56. Make up a new game
57. Complete a summer reading challenge
58. Make a collage
59. Make a dream catcher
60. Watch a movie outdoors
61. Find buried treasure
62. Go on a road trip
63. Jump on the trampoline! 
64. lay on a blanket outside and Read under the shade
65. Have a glow stick party
67. Go to a local festival
69. Make our own Playdough and create things
70. Make a sun catcher
71. Get out of our comfort zones
72. See A rainbow
73. Do a good deed
74. Feed the dolphins at Seaworld
75. Make a summer fun scrapbook of everything we did this summer! 

I know it might seem like a lot but I want to have plenty of fun options to do in our area. Things that are memorable and will make this final summer before he heads off to school all that more special for us all! After we do each item I will add the link to to the list so you can click on it and check out the fun we had! 

Hope you guys have a good summer and make lots of happy memories. Hopefully some of these ideas help you plan out your summer of fun! 

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  1. Lots of great ideas! thanks for sharing!

  2. Tons of great ideas!! I only wish I were a kid again! ;)

  3. Such a great list of ideas. I'm really trying to embrace summer and make it extra fun for my boys this summer.

  4. Some fun ideas here! Always helpful to have a long list of fun things to do in the summer.

  5. Wowzers, that's quite some list! I shall have to keep coming back to check it out - some really great ideas on there. Visiting from the summer carnival :)

  6. Great list! Found you at Discover and Explore. I'd love for you to share this at my Summer Bucket List Idea Share. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Summer!

  7. Great list! Thanks so much for sharing at Discover & Explore. I'm featuring this post today.


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