There's Magic Out There: Hopping on a boat for a minute...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hopping on a boat for a minute...

Let me tell you something a lot of people don't know about me...

I get serious motion sickness! Even on surfaces that try to simulate how it would feel to be on a boat.. yep those make me dizzy and nauseous too. As far back as I can remember car rides do this to me. I cant read anything while on a car without feeling a little sick. That even includes car signs! Can you see why I don't drive? Elevators? Don't get me started! 

Well I happen to have a water loving family including my son. So I said we would get on a boat this summer. And we did. Just that I cheated a bit and we only got on for like a couple of minutes. And the boat we got on wasn't even moving and happened to be a museum... so maybe next time I can do better? (Here's hoping)

Any way... here is my little (Big) boat adventure At Corpus Christi, Tx USS Lexington Museum on the Bay
We didn't stay too long (obviously) since a boat museum didn't seem to entice my kiddo but hopefully next time we are in corpus we can go and munchkin will be more interested and me less motion sicknessy. I am working on it! Trust me because I love the water too! 

Have you ever been to the USS Lexington Museum on the bay? Did your kiddos have fun? 
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  1. Yes, we've been, and mine thought it was cool for 2 seconds, lol. I think I was more excited than they were. Oh well. At least we made some memories. Did you see tons of jelly fish in the water like we did?

  2. I haven't been in years but I do remember it didn't move anywhere. LOL. ;) I didn't know you don't drive. But, with serious motion sickness like yours, I can understand why. I think it's sweet that you did something for your son even though it makes you uncomfortable. He is one lucky boy!


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