There's Magic Out There: Project 52: Week 3

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project 52: Week 3

Project 52: Week 3

Hi there! This week has been such a tough week for us. Last week I wrote that I felt so blessed and you know what? No matter how hard this week has been for my family I still hold true to those words, Because we are blessed. We have food in the fridge, a roof that keeps us warm on these cold nights and a family that stands strong together through all the hardship. Right now our health may be affected but its nothing chicken soup and good rest cant fix. As for my dad, with care and good doctors and lots of antibiotics he will come out all the stronger and wiser from his pain.

This week we had to take my dad to the Hospital in an emergency. He had a huge wound on most of his lower leg. I would say about a Frisbee size if you could bend it (includes the redness around it). He had actually been hiding the wound from us behind pants and was only caught when he ran out of pants to hide in. He didn't want to bother us with his problems even though he is a diabetic with prior amputations, which makes any wound all that much more serious. The middle of his wound was now black and very serious. Doctors told us that if he had waited longer he could have lost his leg. Thank God he ran out of pants! We spent 2 days in the hospital with him and apparently took home with us a serious cold bug. So this week has been hospital stays and more doctor visits and plenty of medicine and so far 3 visits to the pharmacist. But we are all staying strong. This week is a test to our strength. So thats why I have hardly been online, Im either giving medicine or making soup or at a doctor appointment. 

Please send us all the good vibes you can and please if you or your loved ones are diabetic please treat every wound as if it meant your life, because it does. And dont hide your problems from your loved ones, they are there to help you when you need it most. The pictures above are from the doctor waiting room, munchkin reading new books (Thanks to Barefoot Books contest) and starting a vision/inspiration board. 

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  1. Sending you all big healthy hugs. I hope you are all better real soon! Years ago, my father did the same exact thing. And sometimes, I admit it, I hide things too. I know it's not right, but sometimes I feel like the biggest burden on the family and its hard to come forward about another problem. I am glad you guys got your dad to the doctor on time. HUGS!

    1. Thankyou so much Kim for the kind words. I know its taken a long time to answer all my comments but it means alot to me

  2. Sending your Dad very positive vibes for a fast recovery. I also pray that he never ever hides anything again. I know he did it because he didn't want to burden you.

    I also pray for your peace during this very stressful time. HUGS Mama!

  3. Praying for speedy recoveries for you all. I will say an extra prayer for your Dad! HUGS

  4. Sorry to hear about your dad :( Hope he recovers quickly!!!

  5. Praying for your father and your family.


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