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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

The countdown has begun and next Thursday is already Thanksgiving! (yes I know time goes by so fast) And I wanted to share with you My 30 reasons to be thankful. Especially because next Thursday I will be too busy eating turkey and so should you!
What I am Thankful for:
  1. My son! He is the light of my life...
  2. My family: Mom, Dad, Brother and sister, My son of course & Gilbert
  3. Having a roof over my head
  4. Food in my fridge
  5. Warmth at night
  6. Clean clothes
  7. Electricity
  8. Clean water
  9. My Health and that of my family
  10. Friendship
  11. The kindness of strangers
  12. Freedom
  13. Opportunities
  14. My sons siblings
  15. All the Free educational resources my son has had available to him
  16. The San Antonio Food bank who has been there for us in tough times
  17. Music
  18. My pets (our cats and dogs are like family)
  19. Gilbert our cat who has been with us for over ten years
  20. Art
  21. Love
  22. The meal we share with our loved ones on Thanksgiving& all the love at that table which makes that day truly worth being thankful.
  23. Imagination
  24. Wishes that come true
  25. The ocean and all its beauty inside (Especially the turtles) that need to be protected
  26. Picture memories that mean the world to me.
  27. My fellow SA mom Bloggers for all there kindness, support &guidance
  28. All the readers and visitors to the Blog because without you this is just a very public journal/diary
  29. God for granting me life. On this day I turn 28 years old!(The 29th of November) 
  30. The birth of my little brother today on the 30th of November (He turns 23 woohoo!)
What are you most Thankful for? And I know some of the things above might not seem huge to some people but to others who dont have them they mean so much to (especially for those of us who have had to make due without certain things in our lives).


  1. Great list! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! one day late...
    love the list!

    1. Thankyou but my bday is on the 29th of November and my brother the 30th of November so i put them on those days of the 30. But Thankyou for the early bday!


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