There's Magic Out There: Treat Street at La Villita 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Treat Street at La Villita 2012

Yesterday I went Downtown to Treat Street at La Villita with my sister and my munchkin for the 3rd year in a row. Its become a tradition to go to Treat Street and check out all the fun monsters and spooky ones too.
Check out my munchkin over the years at Treat Street:

We love to see all the costumes people turn out in (DIY and store bought). Munchkin likes seeing all the kids and monsters and he likes hearing the music (he loves to dance).

Let me tell you about Treat Street if you have never been:
  • Its Free! Free admission, Free candy and activities, Free live music!
  • Its been held at La Villita the past 3 years and its a perfect spot because after you go you can check out the heart of our beautiful downtown San Antonio and go eat or just sightsee (trust me during the day on Treat Street all over Alamo plaza you see costumed people on every corner).
  • There are tons of booths with people handing out candy and you can bring in your own bucket or bag although most places have free bags they are giving away (most give just one piece of candy. Sorry but with so many people coming they have to make it last).
  • There are booths were they have treats such as coloring sheets and small toys or even prizes by spinning a wheel (McDonald's was giving Scooby doo buckets, Disney was giving posters and stickers).
  • There are live bands or singers during the day with a variety of music on different stages spread out.
  • There are food and drink booths but those are NOT Free.

Tip: Me as a parent I know my childs limit with anxiety over long lines so I limit which lines we get in so I don't get him frustrated over a piece of candy. We do the big prize/treat lines like Disney and McDonald's and I bring candy from home so I can fill his bucket later so he doesn't see it empty without all the waiting. It helps because it gives us more time to enjoy our surrounding than being trapped in lines with little outcome. So while your walking around check the front of the booths and spy what there giving out so you can make a plan.

I Love the idea of Treat Street because its an opportunity for children of all ages (young and the young in heart) to come out and dress up and get some candy and have some fun. Alot of kids have parents who work during the week and might not be able to take them out this Wednesday trick or treating so Saturday maybe the only chance they get. Plus there are the kids who might not be able to afford a costume or a bucket/bag to trick or treat and at Treat Street there is no rule that you have to dress up so kids can feel comfortable without worrying about feeling left out.

We walked around and got some fun pictures with various monsters then checked out some music. Check out some of the costumes we saw:

Munchkin talking to some little monsters
We then went sightseeing while we walked off the food we ate and waited for Coffins on Parade to Start. Check out some of the stuff we saw:

We had lots of fun downtown at Treat Street and walking around like tourists on Alamo Plaza checking out the sights. Its always been our fun tradition going to these year after year and we will definitely be at the next one.

Have you ever been to Treat Street? What are your Halloween event traditions?
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  1. I've never heard of this event. It looks like so much fun!

    1. It is alot of fun! With Free candy and live music you cant go wrong.


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