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December 02, 2020

Levi Strauss Park in San Antonio Texas #SA2020Resolutions

February 2014

Park #2. Levi Strauss Park in San Antonio Texas 

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Rodriguez County Park in San Antonio Texas #SA2020Resolutions

This year I have resolved to go to as many parks as I can with my family as part of my #SA2020Resolutions. A huge thanks to Colleen from San Antonio Moms Blog for introducing me to this initiative from SA2020 to resolve to visit at least 20 parks in San Antonio. 

Dont worry that its already May because guess what? Im a little late in posting but I have been out and about in a couple of parks with my munchkin so now im doing the catch up game here. 

So here it goes...

Park #1. Rodriguez County Park in San Antonio Texas plus Leon Creek Greenway

February 2014

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Our very first Comic Con {Wizard World San Antonio Comic Con 2014}

This past weekend we had our very first Comic Con experience! I honestly didn't know what to expect. None of our close friends or family had ever been to one so we didn't have tips or recommendations from experience to go on. I was nonetheless excited and couldn't wait to check it out! 

So what I did was look at the schedule online and plan out our 3 days. See what panels were going on and if there were contests/giveaways. What apps to use and hash tags to follow the fun and even planned our food/snack times. Major bonus was that you could go in and out at any time with a wrist band. Plus food was allowed to be brought into the area so we could bring snacks from home and save money. {Can you tell Im a big planner?}

The nicest meddling kids {Mystery incorporated}The Scooby gang which we all love! 
Blade and Superman teaming up? 

James Marsters was so funny! He talked about the various shows he was a part of and answered questions from fans. He was asked some very personal questions about his time on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and answered them like a pro. When asked about kissing cast mates he said it wasn't kissing, it was very technical acting. And that if someone wanted to know how Sarah kissed then they should ask Freddie. He was just as sweet as I thought he would be. {Swoon}

After his panel we took a walk around as we waited for the Jason David frank panel to begin. We spotted some fun people!  
My kiddo was giggling as he took a picture with this sweet lady who shared with us how she made her costume and her sidekicks. How it was so much fun and we could tell because she was so proud of it! 

Overall we had a great weekend together as a family. It was a perfect first Comic con!