There's Magic Out There: July 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013

Chalk Water Fun!

Recently on one of these Hot Summer days we played with chalk a little differently. We normally just draw all over the cement or work on our letters and shapes but this day we mixed it up by adding water! 

I drew a couple of hearts on the cement and we were filling them in and with a bucket munchkin would drop some water on the drawings. Not too much, but just enough to get them moist. As soon as the water falls on the chalk drawing you can see the texture and color change, even mix with other colors on the cement. 
It was fun to see the water dry on the chalk and the colors change again.
Pretty soon with enough chalk layers and water the chalk on the floor felt like goopy paint to the touch. It was so much fun! 
Have you ever played with Chalk with a twist? Its so much fun especially on a hot day. I hope you try it! Your kiddos will love it and I bet you will too because I had a blast. 
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Turtles At Aquatica & The Wacky Tourist

On one of our most recent visits to Aquatica at Seaworld San Antonio we went to check out the new area they made. They brought turtles into Aquatica! Its pretty perfect since they already have the stingrays and fish and occasionally you can catch a couple of other animal friends. Now we can also see turtles during our water adventure! 

And if you know me then you know that ever since I was a little girl I have always had a major weak spot for turtles. I pretty much always have one or more on me and my bags. So I was super happy to see these beautiful gigantic turtles enjoying there new environment. 

Here are some pictures of our visit:
And of course before we left we got spotted by this wacky tourist. My Munchkin had a lot of fun with him. He is entertaining for the little ones like mine who are trying to be helpful and dont quite yet realize that hes being a little clumsy on purpose with his super packed arm full of water toys. 
Whens the last time you went to Seaworld or Aquatica? Have you checked out the turtles or been spotted by the wacky tourist? 

You can check out more of our fun At Seaworld or Aquatica below:

Seaworld San Antonio Howl-O-Scream
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Imagination Movers at Seaworld San Antonio
Seaworld San Antonio's Aquatica
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Hopping on a boat for a minute...

Let me tell you something a lot of people don't know about me...

I get serious motion sickness! Even on surfaces that try to simulate how it would feel to be on a boat.. yep those make me dizzy and nauseous too. As far back as I can remember car rides do this to me. I cant read anything while on a car without feeling a little sick. That even includes car signs! Can you see why I don't drive? Elevators? Don't get me started! 

Well I happen to have a water loving family including my son. So I said we would get on a boat this summer. And we did. Just that I cheated a bit and we only got on for like a couple of minutes. And the boat we got on wasn't even moving and happened to be a museum... so maybe next time I can do better? (Here's hoping)

Any way... here is my little (Big) boat adventure At Corpus Christi, Tx USS Lexington Museum on the Bay
We didn't stay too long (obviously) since a boat museum didn't seem to entice my kiddo but hopefully next time we are in corpus we can go and munchkin will be more interested and me less motion sicknessy. I am working on it! Trust me because I love the water too! 

Have you ever been to the USS Lexington Museum on the bay? Did your kiddos have fun? 
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Have you checked out Alamo City Moms Blog?

Maybe you noticed a new badge on my side bar? Yep there's a new one along side all the other awesome ones that says i'm contributing to this new blog in my area. Its called Alamo City Moms Blog. I am a part of a group of local moms in the Alamo City Area who are sharing our experiences living here, working here and raising our children here. Its such a big group of voices from different backgrounds and kids ages and stages that it gives a well rounded view on our city through a moms eyes. 
I Hope you stop on by and check it out! While you are checking out the brand new site make sure to check out my first posts on there and enter a couple of giveaways:
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ice Cream learning fun!

Today I am over at Gummy Lump sharing some fun early learning we are doing this summer using Ice cream cones! We are working on our lower case and upper case letter recognition and matching, plus colors and numbers. These are easy to make and fun to try so I hope you head over to Gummy Lump and make some learning fun Ice cream cones with your kiddos. 
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Monday, July 15, 2013

Project 52: Week 28

Warning! I'm sharing information about my fathers diabetes situation in a bit so please stop reading if that might disturb you. 

The first half of the week was good. We played outside, enjoying nature by chasing butterflies.  We ate ice cream, played with ice cream and even made our own ice cream cones out of home made play dough! Yep! It was fun. Plus the ice cream pictures hint at an activity of mine coming out on Gummy Lump this week. 

Now as for the second half of the week all of a sudden my dad wasn't eating. His face coloring was bad and he was throwing up. He had come out of the shower and I always change his bandages after so he has clean ones to start off the next day when I see his wound area. (My dad had surgery previously on a foot sore) A new sore was turning colors and smelled bad. I mentioned this to my dad and he was offended when I was just trying to tell him that it was a bad sign. Its a sign of infection. Then all of a sudden on the bottom of his foot was a huge brand new blister that seemed to be full of goo. I freaked out! I teared up and told my dad we had to go to the emergency room. He didn't want to but we ended up going. They said he had a serious bone infection and it was bad! That the infection was spreading up his foot into his ankle and leg. This is a lot of information to take in a couple of hours.

Before I knew it he was already in surgery because it was getting worse by the minute. Since Thursday my family's life has been on edge. My dad is still in the hospital and has had 2 surgeries so far now. The second surgery came after we thought he was getting better but then it turned out the infection had actually gotten worse over night. Prayers are greatly appreciated. 

I keep praying for the doctors to be able to get rid of all the infection and save his foot. We have a long journey ahead and I need to be strong for my family. Especially for my son who isn't taking it well and has too many questions that I don't have answers for. 

Please be informed about the seriousness of diabetes and the effects it can have on you and your loved ones. For more information on diabetes visit

How was your week? Hopefully it was better than ours even though I am still happy because my father is still here and we are going to keep fighting for his health. Things could be worse so I need to stay positive.
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Pampers Love, Sleep & Play #pampersamorsue├▒osjuegos

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pampers.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

If you could look through the tons of photo albums I have in the few years since my son was born you would think I never put down the camera! I love my son and have such sweet memorizes of him as a baby. Especially now these memories are very much alive with the fact that this year he will be starting school for the first time and leaving his baby years behind. As I reminisce on these years I think about all the love we share with each other and all the ways we have experienced this love since his birth. So when I heard about Pampers Love, Sleep and Play campaign it really touched my heart.

In this new campaign Pampers celebrates and pays tribute to all the millions of ways babies uniquely experience love, sleep and play. 

Love: whether it's sibling love, parental love, or love from their favorite teddy bear
Sleep: whether it's a planned nap, impromptu slumber or a night filled with the sweetest of dreams
Play:  whether it's with a complex toy, a block or a simple box
Pampers knows that the how, when and where Love, Sleep & Play are displayed isn't what’s important; what’s important is the unique and joyful ways each baby delights in their own experiences. 
As a brand that has cared for the well-being of babies and their families for more than 50 years, Pampers understand the pressures parents feel in caring for their babies the supposed "right" way.  We know there is no one right way to care for baby and that is why we rally support for all the unique ways babies experience Love, Sleep and Play.

In celebration of the launch of there global Love, Sleep & Play campaign, Pampers is turning the spotlight on babies across North America to participate and take center stage in the brand's campaign. 

How can you be a part of this amazing campaign?

By submitting photos of your babies experiencing Love, Sleep or Play to be in the running to appear on Pampers Facebook page, Twitter feed and there special online gallery.  

Plus, they could be a part of a huge surprise New York City celebration this August. In submitting photos and joining the new campaign, parents can truly celebrate all the special ways their babies experience Love, Sleep and Play. 

So go and look through your photos or take new loved ones and share and join along with us other moms and pampers as we celebrate Love, Sleep and Play!

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pampers.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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