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Monday, July 1, 2013

Beach Life At Corpus Christi

This summer my kiddo and I went to the Beach for the very first time! We went with my family and it was such a special trip. It was a short 3 hour drive and we only stayed for a couple of days but the memories made are priceless! 

Here's a peak at my beach Summer Adventure! 
Jellies! There were a ton of jellies We were so scared they were going to touch us but they were also so pretty. There was a bunch of people putting them back closer into the water when they washed ashore and that made us so happy.
We played in the sand and picked up a ton of shells and relaxed in the waves. 

Yes we took our Nemo toys to the Beach. We had Marlin, Dori and Nemo and acted out some scenes! 
And even pretended with some small sea turtles

If you haven't noticed, yes my kiddo wore Beach themed sea life clothes the whole trip. Im a weirdo!

It was such a great trip and we had a blast! Can you tell? Have you ever been to Corpus Christi. What spots were your favorite to visit? Want to see what else we did over on our trip? Check out the links below:

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