There's Magic Out There: Turtles At Aquatica & The Wacky Tourist

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Turtles At Aquatica & The Wacky Tourist

On one of our most recent visits to Aquatica at Seaworld San Antonio we went to check out the new area they made. They brought turtles into Aquatica! Its pretty perfect since they already have the stingrays and fish and occasionally you can catch a couple of other animal friends. Now we can also see turtles during our water adventure! 

And if you know me then you know that ever since I was a little girl I have always had a major weak spot for turtles. I pretty much always have one or more on me and my bags. So I was super happy to see these beautiful gigantic turtles enjoying there new environment. 

Here are some pictures of our visit:
And of course before we left we got spotted by this wacky tourist. My Munchkin had a lot of fun with him. He is entertaining for the little ones like mine who are trying to be helpful and dont quite yet realize that hes being a little clumsy on purpose with his super packed arm full of water toys. 
Whens the last time you went to Seaworld or Aquatica? Have you checked out the turtles or been spotted by the wacky tourist? 

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  1. that's a great post. I love turtles :)

  2. Oh I've never seen these at Aquatica! How cool!

  3. Tortoises are so cool! I have always wanted one for a pet! LOL I really miss my sea world pass :( Its been to long!


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