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Sunday, October 7, 2012

SeaWorld Howl-O-Scream after dark

Last week we went to Opening day of SeaWorld Howl-O-Scream. We went in the morning and only stayed until around 4pm. We did alot of kid friendly activities like trick or treating and The Counts Unhaunted castle. But this Friday we wanted to check out what goes on after dark when the monsters come out. So we got to Seaworld in the afternoon this Friday and had so much fun!

We went to Jack's Frightmare Forest first (4-5:30 is family friendly and after 6 is spooky). They were playing ghostbusters as moms with strollers went through the forest. No monsters jump out at you (during family friendly time) and creepy music and fog is off. Munchkin loved looking at the spiders and scarecrows. The one area he didn't want to go through and had to be carried through was the cockroaches (Don't worry there fake).  But I cant blame him.... I want to jump on a chair when I see a real one.

After Frightmare Forest we went to go see the all New Clyde and Seamore's Monster Mix-Up (New show this season). It was really cute and a fun!

Getting out of the show it was already getting dark and I brought from home lots of glowsticks and glow in the dark monsters, so when munchkin saw the vendors I'd magically have something cool that glows from inside my backpack. We connected glowstick bracelets to make necklaces and tiaras too (for me and my sister). We put on tattoos from home too that had monsters on them.

Tip: To save money and tears from kids when you have to say no.... Bring in your own fun gear to Seaworld. Buy glowsticks from target they have packs of ten glowsticks for $1. They even have shapes like swords and wands that glow (so does the dollar store).

As your passing by Steel Eel and look over to the lake it looks like a scene from right out of the movie "The Mist" where a mist like fog comes onto the water and you cant see past it but inside its bringing monsters. That's what it looked like as we got close to the area marked as a "Scare Zone" (clearly marked on the park map as the scary section after 6pm).

Here is a bit of the spookiness we saw after 6pm ... 

(around Jacks Frightmare forest the fog is so strong that you cant see past your hand and the glowsticks your wearing will come in handy for people to spot you)

As it got darker more appeared...

On our way out we caught a show of the Gravediggers which are a band of the undead strolling along playing music.

We couldn't stay too late this Friday night so we left past 9 and didn't get to see a couple more things on our list but there is always next week and I think were going to try to stay until closing. We had alot of fun and munchkin saw alot of awesome looking monsters, which even after dark in the scare zones will be friendly to kids (Thankyou Seaworld for that). But if your an adult watch out! Because the monsters hide behind bushes, blend into the background and jump out of everywhere. Its alot of fun and we will be back soon to enjoy some more of Seaworld's Howl-O-Scream.

 If you want to check out our Family friendly first visit during the day of Howl-O-Scream here is the Link: SeaWorld San Antonio Howl-O-Scream 2012

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  1. We went yesterday. My kids loved it but got a little creeped out after it got dark. It was fun!!

    1. It was lots of fun! And yes the darkness sure makes it spooky but thats just all in good Halloween fun


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