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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spooky House for Halloween

Halloween is now only 3 weeks away!  Its amazing to see how fast time is flying by. We have been working on getting the house decorated and were not done yet. It seems we keep adding to it every couple of days and I wanted to give u guys an update. Here it goes....

I covered the door using a plastic table cover from the dollar store. I just measured it against the door and traced a line and cut from there leaving space around the edges to tuck away. I taped it on the edges to the back of the door and cut holes for the door knob and window. The spiders go with the rest of our spider theme.

I put up giant spiders over the window and they make an awesome contribution to our spooky house.

I spider webbed the whole front fence! It only took one bag to do the whole fence. I just stretched it out in layers and the would cut and tie off edges to get them to stay put. I then put rubber spiders on the fence using bread ties to get them to stay put and then fake plastic spiders, roaches, flys and centipedes. I want to add more to make the look more dramatic but not too much to crowd it.

I then cut up strips of plastic tape "Enter at your own risk" to put a nice statement on our entrance gate. I love it! I'm thinking of other places to put it too. Maybe the driveway entrance? I like the way its coming along so far. I think it will look awesome on Halloween night when we give out candy to trick or treaters.

How are your Halloween decorating endeavors going? Are you getting exciting for Halloween too?

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  1. Sooo cool! We love to decorate for Halloween too! I like the bodiless hands on the gate. Creepy but fun at the same time!

    1. Thankyou and I love to decorate for Halloween! Something about making ur house spooky is just fun

  2. How did you get the spiders to stay on the house by the window??


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