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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chalk It Up 2012

Saturday morning we went to Artpace's Chalk It up! It was our first year going and we didn't know what to expect. We got there bright and early about 5 minutes before 10 am and there were already people there!

What is Chalk It Up? Chalk It Up is a Free event that happens on downtown Houston street where they block the street off so people can create art works all over the street and sidewalks in chalk. There are huge tubs of chalk everywhere so you can just grab a bunch of colors and create something all your own. There are many artists who have there own areas and even schools who create artpieces too.

We were so excited when we stepped onto Houston street and were greeted by friendly people providing maps of the artists sections and activities, tattoos that are incredible (clock that reads ART, symbolic of now is the time to create art) and stickers. There were food and drink booths and even live music.

We watched as people sketched outlines and created there art. It was beautiful to see the many different methods people used chalk. Some used it just as it is, others as a paint, others as letter molds and everyone brought there own perspective with them. I loved it and so did munchkin! Here are some of our favorite art pieces we saw:

We walked up and down the street many times watching art pieces progress, we also went to the kids zone in front of The San Antonio Childrens Museum and did some kids art activities too.

I then went to find a small empty spot on the street (which got harder to do as the day went by) to leave my mark on.

Munchkin even got some art done too while laying on the street (his clothes were covered in chalk dust as we left for home)

We had such a great time looking at all the art around us being made and making some of our own. I'm glad that we can go to events like this that are so enriching to children. It was my first time at Chalk It Up but it will definitely not be our last.

Have you ever gone to Chalk It Up? Or did you go to this years too? What were your favorite art pieces?
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