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Monday, October 1, 2012

Our week with the Letter C

I didn't know what to expect with the Letter C, because A was easy but B was not. Luckily munchkin did pretty good with the letter C. Here is what we did this past week:

Monday: we worked on Letter Recognition. I made a collage of letter C's and showed him the letter C with a foam letter, flash card and puzzle. We have a magnetic board set up on the wall with the alphabet on it we use alot.

Tuesday: On Tuesday we used one of my favorite free websites for kids . Its an amazing resource for learning your letters and sounds and so much more in a fun way. Give it a try!

Wednesday: We did Play and learn at Central Library  and letter recognition (finding letter C's in library books and signs). We checked out these books to use at home. They are incredibly useful.

Thursday: We went to Play and Learn at Forest Hills Library and did highlighter letters.

Friday: We continued to use the alphabet books to identify letters A, B, C and words that start with the letter C. We played with playdough we made on Thursday and used cookie cutters to make letters. Then used the playdough to make letters out of straws. I cut up colorful straws and then traced the letter with them. It makes a good visual. Munchkin mainly wanted to poke holes though.

Saturday: We made some incredibly cute letter visuals. I had munchkin help me trace small circles and I cut them out in different construction paper colors. I then wrote out a big letter C on paper and had munchkin glue them onto the letter C to create a caterpillar. I then drew on eyes and legs to make it cute.

I then made a Letter C Cow with munchkin. I cut out a big letter C written freehand from white paper. I drew a face and tail and glued it on (I tried my best). Then made spots on the cow with black crayon and had munchkin color them in. Showing him how C is for Cow. He thought it was awesome!

We then played with our alphabet puzzle (great buy from Target for $1).

Overall I think our week with the Letter C went pretty well. We reviewed A, B and C and he can differentiate between them. I'm so proud of his progress! We are still in the beginning of the alphabet but I am glad to see us advancing further every week and hopefully you are joining us on our journey with your own munchkin.

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  1. That is great! How old is your little one? Mine is almost 3. Thanks for all the great ideas!


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