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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Coffins on Parade 2012

Saturday night after going to Treat Street at La Villita we stayed downtown so we could watch Coffins on Parade. We have been going to Coffins on Parade for the past 2 years. Its a fun thing to go and watch as your sitting on the riverwalk eating or even just hanging out on a bench.

If you have never been to Coffins on Parade here's a little bit about it:
  • Its Free! Just grab a seat or take a walk on the riverwalk as the river barges float on by.
  • The barges are decorated with Halloween decorations, some have lights while others have loud fun dance music.
  • The barges don't float down alone (of course). There are people dressed up in costumes on them (most dancing away and/or waving at people).
  • Some of the barges have people throwing treats out to the people on the sides. (items like: necklaces, candy)
  • The barges go down the riverwalk for 2 laps.
We found a spot on the riverwalk early so we could have a good seat. It was getting chilly again so we bundled up to keep warm. Pretty soon the parade started and its always fun to see what people are dressed as and hear the fun music. Here are some pictures of the parade:

I caught a necklace and we watched both laps around the riverwalk and then called it a night. It was fun and we were tired from being out there all day but its always worth the fun. My only wish is that there were more barges but other than that Its great free fun.

Have you ever gone to Coffins on Parade?
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