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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our week with the Letter D

The letter D is not an easy letter to learn. It sounds like B and is funny shaped. Munchkin still keeps saying B?  This is one letter we will have to keep working on.

Here's what we did this past week...

Monday: We worked on letter recognition. For each letter I set up a board with the Letter, A picture of something that begins with that letter, A flashcard of that letter, Puzzle letter, and a foam letter. I also hang above it a collage of the letter were working on.

Tuesday: I made letter cards to work on matching. I used note cards and wrote uppercase on the front and lowercase on the back, making about 4 of each. Then used a big sheet of paper with the uppercase and lowercase letter written on it to place the note cards onto (It became a matching game). That afternoon we also went to National Night Out and had lots of fun.

Wednesday: We went to our first October Play and Learn at Central Library. We checked out some more alphabet themed books to read at home and review letters with.

Thursday: We read "Bad Kitty" By: Nick Bruel. It was the cutest book ever! We looked through the letters and he loved it!

Friday: We went to SeaWorld San Antonio Howl-O-Scream.

Saturday: We did highlighter letters and read the books. We spent alot of time outside (I was decorating the house while munchkin played).

Sunday: We colored letter D animals and we worked with flashcards I made using this free site . I printed them out on regular paper and then I used a glue stick to stick them onto thick cardboard paper and then carefully cut them out. They came out great!

This week with the Letter D was not so great. He still confuses it with B and has a hard time writing it. But atleast when we review A, B and C he still has them ingrained in his mind. He can pick them out of a jumble of letter blocks, books and signs. We are going to keep working on the letters A - D (especially D and more on handwriting).

Any tips on learning the letters of the alphabet? What worked for you? Especially with handwriting skills
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