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Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting in the Halloween spirit with crafts

As we are getting closer to Halloween I am really getting into all the spookiness of the season. I am helping munchkin get into the Halloween spirit too. We have been decorating the house and playing Halloween music at home and watching Halloween cartoon specials. We even did some fun Halloween crafts this week. I got the ideas off of blogs I found on pinterest.

I did the Candy corn feet prints I saw here. They were so cute and easy to do. Here's mine with munchkin:

I also tried out the spider hand prints I saw here. These are priceless because they come out adorable! Here's mine with munchkin:

We had lots of fun doing these crafts and will try to make some more before Halloween to put up. How are you getting into the spookiness of the season and what fun crafts have you and your family been up to?

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