There's Magic Out There: Making Cascarones (Easter confetti Eggs)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Making Cascarones (Easter confetti Eggs)

I received some bath confetti stars that you would normally get in a gift set. I personally dont really have time for baths, come on I have to fight for time to just take a shower! So I thought man these are really pretty and I decided to put them (using regular Elmers glue) on my plain cleaned out eggs. Why not use something unconventional to pretty up some eggs?
You just take a clean egg put glue over the areas slowly (I just rubbed it on with my finger one area at a time) and start laying out your stars. I put them so you could still see they were stars and have a bit of small space between them. Its really easy because the stars feel almost like tissue paper so they stick on very easy and conform to the oval shape of the egg. 
You don't need a lot of glue and the stars seem to last forever. I used some last year and I still have some for this year. They look so pretty and they will make really cute gifts for friends. Plus they are handmade and that makes them even more special. 
Munchkin helped me too! You would normally see confetti on the inside of a cascaron but we put it on the outside too and made them look cute! I gave munchkin some eggs we had dyed with kool- aid (already dry) and I wanted to make them a bit more festive so I gave munchkin glue and confetti and let him glue it on. He loved it because it was fun and messy, but they end up pretty cute. 
After you have your eggs decorated you get some tissue paper and cut out a circle out of the tissue paper a little bit bigger than the size of the hole opening in your egg, fill the egg with confetti or glitter (glitter will be so tough to get out of hair though, just warning you) and then use a little bit of glue to stick the tissue paper circle over the hole opening on the egg to seal in the confetti. Be sure to let your eggs dry and they will be ready for your Easter or Fiesta celebration to smash on someones head (For the smaller kids I personally have always broken the egg in my hand before putting all the confetti over them, it also helps them feel included without the owie risk). 
Have fun decorating and making your Easter special! For more Easter ideas check out my Easter board on Pinterest here

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  1. I love that you used those stars! They look AWESOME on the eggs!

  2. This is such a great idea!! So different from the "traditional".

  3. What a fun idea! We may have to try this. Thanks for sharing, jaime@FSPDT


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