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Monday, May 6, 2013

Starbox Review

I got the opportunity to try out my very own StarBox this past week. Have you tried it? It was fun! 

Disclosure: I was given this Starbox Free to review. All opinions/thoughts are my own and are in no way influenced. Your experience with this product may vary from mine. 
The first thought I had when I saw the box was how cute! It looked like a present. I opened it up and there was 4 products inside. I had never tried anything from the Starlooks brand so I was curious. 
The way the Starbox works is that every month in a cute box you will receive 3-4 FULL SIZE products to check out. The Starbox costs $15 a month and you end up saving major money with it because if you purchased the items in the Starbox separately the difference is noticeable. If you like the items then you can buy more of that product or different colors to compliment it with. 

I think its fun! Each month you get new/different products and I think its a good way to change up your look and try new things. You never know and you might like something you would have never tried. Plus if you check out there Lookbooks site they have tips on how to use there makeup and you can always check out there Youtube page for fun videos on how to's and more.

The StarBox I received had these items:

Just in one item you already got more than you would have paid for the whole box! Thats an awesome deal if I do say. I tried the mineralized powder and I can see it working good over a base. I wish I could try a skin tone instead of the one I tried which was translucent. I still liked it though, It left my skin feeling good. The mascara base is perfect since Im kinda a major mascara lover. The tender gloss lipstick is a nice shade, its goes on smoothly and is great with my complexion. My sister loved it too! The Lip balm smells so good! It feels good on your lips too!

Major plus! The items are marked cruelty Free and that makes me happy.

Have you tried StarBox? How did you like it? Or did you purchase items separately? I hope to get to try some more and build a good makeup collection. 

Disclosure: I was given a Starbox to Review free of charge. All opinions/thoughts are my own and they may differ from your experience with Starbox products. No compensation was received. 

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  1. This looks very similar to Birchbox which contains sample sized and full sized products. I'll definitely be checking this company out as well. I love trying new beauty and skin care products. Thanks for the review!


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