There's Magic Out There: Happiness Is... (Week 8)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happiness Is... (Week 8)

Happiness is... todays Doctors appointment for my dad that told us that he is healing very well. 

Happiness is... picking out baby kitten names

Happiness is... the fun we had this Weekend at SeaWorld at The Imagination Movers Concert! Check out this video of my son dancing away at the Shamu party Zone. he is the one in the Blue stripes. 

Happiness is... Getting a cute postcard from The Imagination Movers today in the mail! 
Happiness is... playing outside in this warm weather
Happiness is... Welcoming May! Hello May! Hope you are a great month for us!

Lisa at Crazy Adventures in parenting has been doing a weekly series called "Happiness Is_____" where every Wednesday she will be having a link up for others to share what Happiness is to them. So go check that out and link up! You can also follow others along with the hash tag #HappinessIs on twitter and Instagram. Hope to see you there spreading the happiness!
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  1. So awesome! I'm so jealous you got to see the Imagination Movers!!! How freaking cool!!! :)

  2. Your son is so darn cute, Alvina! Totally awesome that you got to see the Imagination Movers. Lucky!

    I looked into the Fresh Beat Band. It was like 60 bucks a pop for a kid. You have to pay for babies. Forgetaboutit. That's not family friendly.


    It's definitely better to go when you can catch them like you did!

    Enjoying the warm weather is wayyyy cool!


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