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Monday, September 24, 2012

Our week with the Letter B

We spent most of this week sick so we didn't really get to do alot of lessons with the letter B. I decided to extend the learning to Saturday and Sunday just to make up for the missed days (but still try and have some fun on the weekend).

The letter B was alot harder than I imagined. I understand though because A is just straight lines. But the B is curves and connecting them. Munchkin did not enjoy it. The Letter B is one I will have to keep practicing more with him.

On Monday/Tuesday we were sick so we really didn't get anything done but work on feeling better.

Wednesday: We worked on letter recognition, Letter B's with highlighter tracing, We colored items that start with the letter B and we read over the B section in the ABC book.

Thursday: We went to Play and Learn week 3. We brought back the book we checked out last week and checked out another book from the library. We made playdoh letter A's and B's.

Friday: We did more highlighter letters and colored some more Letter B words.

Saturday: We colored some more Letter B words and did more highlighter letters. I made highlighter sheets with "hills" so he could practice the hills on the B shape. I wanted his hand to get use to that feeling of the curves which was still hard on him sadly.

Sunday: We wrote out letter B's on the dry erase board

Overall He can recognize a letter B and sound it out really good. But as far as writing the letter B it still does not look anything like it. I am going to keep at it with the handwriting aspect. One thing I noticed this week was that munchkin did not like that we weren't doing the Letter A. He wanted to show us letter A's and write them out (they look awesome by the way) and didn't want to do Letter B's. So right from the start he didn't have a good attitude with it and I don't know how to explain that yes I love the letter A but we need to learn other letters too? The attitude you put toward what your learning has a direct impact on how you learn because no one is going to want to learn something they don't like, so i need to find a way to change his attitude.

Do you have any tips on how to transition from letter to letter?
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