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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Play and Learn Week 3

Sadly we were sick most of this week so we missed Play and learn at the central library on Wednesday. But we were able to make it on Thursday to Forest Hills. We played this fun game at the beginning that's like central libraries ants in pants but this version is "mouse in house". Someone hides the mouse under a house and the kids have to tell you different color houses until you figure out under which house it is. Munchkin loved it!

We then went off to play in different stations with magnetic shapes, sensory boards and stringing boards and playdoh. I especially loved this awesome item the people from play and Learn created which was a board with flash cards on it of the alphabet (with magnets behind it) and then you go in your boat and fish for alphabet letters and they are the lowercase set (each with a metal paperclip behind it so that it will attract the magnet). It was a very cute and creative way to have a child match up the lowercase with uppercase.

I really respect the fact that Play and Learn uses items that you can make at home yourself to learn, even down to the playdoh they make in different colors and scents. Its truly a great experience that teaches you as a parent that you can do it too. Next week is our last class at Forest Hills and I'm feeling sad about it but there are still many opportunities for you join a play and learn. There are new sites starting in October and I will let you know which one were doing next too. Maybe we will see you there?

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