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Friday, September 21, 2012

Dollar Store Halloween Fun

This week we went to a dollar store over by southpark mall and had so much fun looking around. We hadn't been to that specific one in years! We went because we were on a hunt for Halloween items to add to our collection because we are major Halloween lovers on the search for a good bargain. We found lots of glow in the dark items and cute kid items too. Here's a look at what we brought home.

glow in the dark hands with posts so you can make it look like something is crawling out of the dirt

Glow in the dark spiders for our spooky spider web!

Glow in the dark posts that link up to make a fence/border for your area.

cute little Halloween themed bowls that were using for cereal.

In addition to that I found a dry erase board with the alphabet on it to practice writing your letters using the lines for munchkins alphabet adventure. I even found this awesome coloring book that is made from 100 % recycled paper (which is always a plus) . It has lots of activities inside and it makes me want to sit down and color by myself.

We had fun shopping and I wish we could go check out more dollar stores since theres such a variety of them. Who knows what else we might find. Have you started decorating your house for Halloween? or maybe still shopping? 

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