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Friday, September 21, 2012

Making a Doctor kit for Munchkin

It all started Sunday morning at 3am when my munchkin woke up throwing up and from then till 9am threw up a total of 5 times! Yep did not sleep hardly a wink that night because in between the throw up on the bed and on me, him crying and washing bedsheets and more there was never a chance to sleep(but that's just a part of the joy of being a mom). Munchkin had a bad fever that day and nothing hurts more than seeing your wildly overactive son just lay around all day wishing he would be up to trouble so that he would be his old self.

 He started feeling better Tuesday and in that time I made him a doctor kit. I saw a bunch of pins on pinterest of different doctor kits/play cases to make for your child and I just wanted to make something from items at home. So I grabbed a clear mini briefcase and some empty pill containers (with fake pills made of stickers), medicine dropper samples, and ear cleaners and tongue depressors(Popsicle sticks), band aid containers and a note pad and pen to be able to write prescriptions and work/school excuses. I put Dr. Lopez on the box with stickers and I put a ruler sticker and more on the outside to add some special touches on front and back.

 I ended up adding more stuff as the week went on and He loved it! Munchkin was doing checkups on everyone and asking if we were sick so he could check us out. It was so cute! And I felt special because I made it :)

You can make your own doctor/kit case using things from home too. Just use your imagination and your child will have lots of fun! By the way I ended up getting sick too and it was not fun but I had a good at home doctor to take care of me  ;)
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