There's Magic Out There: Central Library Play and Learn #2

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Central Library Play and Learn #2

Wednesday morning we took a trolley to the Central library for Play and Learn. It was our second class there (because we missed last week being sick) and we always have fun at Central.

They started off the class with a game of "ants in pants" which munchkin loves every time. We read a book "Whose Nose" which was very cute and interactive. Munchkin guessed right every time!

We then went off to do some activities: Putting a skeleton puzzle together, making hand tracings with bones inside (ear cleaners as bones smart idea) , puzzles of body parts, magnets and separating colors.

Munchkin loves being able to spend time with other kids and get to learn in different ways. For me personally its something to look forward to and a new experience. Being a stay at home mom you need those connections with other moms and kids and this is a great way to get them.

We had lots of fun! The classes are still going on through the month of October so we will keep going. Remember they are free! You don't need to register, you just show up ready to Play and Learn!
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