There's Magic Out There: Making Cake on Maker Day

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Making Cake on Maker Day

 On Facebook today I came upon a post that said "Ladies and gentlemen, preheat your ovens" and so I did. I ended up making a big one sheet cake and a mini loaf cake (mini was for munchkin).

Today was Maker Day and as a mom of course were always making something delicious. I made these 2 cakes with the help of my sister and even my munchkin to decorate them. It came out delicious! Cake was all munchkin wanted to eat today so we had to keep reminding him we had to eat food first before desert. 



He had fun putting frosting and sprinkles on it! I then cut it up in slices so he could get a small piece from his cake. I think it made him feel special that he had contributed to its creation. He couldn't stop saying how yummy it was and yes Maker Day was yummy indeed.

Did you do something special today for Maker Day?


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