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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sticking to Goals...

This week is not really going as I planned. I feel pretty happy about the fact that I have been tackling my dishes! Super proud! Ive been working on a lesson plan (mommy made with tips from pinterest) on what me and munchkin are going to be learning over this year before he heads off to pre-k.  
  Its harder than I thought just to plan it out and think hmmm what do you need to learn to be successful and feel confident in school? Because I want him to go in and not have a huge shock of I don't know anything! I don't fit in! I want him to be coming home going "Yeah! I Love school! " So My goal is to start Week 1 on Monday with the letter A.
   I don't want to make excuses but some of the "lessons" will probably be outside because sadly the ac (window unit) broke and were still in the high 90's this week. So we will have to figure it out and make due until we either get the ac fixed or a new unit. I'm really hoping the weather starts to cool off so we don't even need to worry about it. Heres hoping!

Wish me Luck   :)

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