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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Here and Back again

Remember how I said we wouldn't let alot of time pass before we went to the Witte again? Well off we went again on Saturday morning to the Witte!


My 3 year old kept asking me when we could go to school again because he thinks the Witte is school. It makes sense if you think about it because school is a place where you learn and interact with others and grow. And with these 2 visits this past week he has learned about bones, animals and history through play. He used the touch screens in the Darwin exhibit to take x-rays of animals and see how were all related. And even in his 3 year old mind he understood the basics that we have alot in common with other animals. He was telling me "yep this has a back bone" and I felt so proud. Sadly the Darwin exhibit is ending tomorrow. But atleast we can say we saw it twice.

Now we cant wait to see the next exhibit coming up ...

On my September goals I said I didn't want my dishes to beat me but sadly I didn't even make it a day. I know I shouldn't make excuses but I had no dish washing soap. yep oops! We ran out and when I was getting ready to tackle the dirtiness I realized I was unarmed and it was too late to go to the store. So add dish washing soap to my shopping list. So were now at the mercy of the clean dishes lasting.
Trust me we are very excited because we have always had a fascination with mummies and Egypt and so this is gonna be lots of fun. We cant wait to see it!
So when taking pictures of my munchkin earlier today a common thought in my mind was I can hardly see his eyes. yep its that time again for a trim. So I got the combs and scissors out and chopped some hair. We both got itchy off all the flying hair so bath time it was and off to bed. Had a beautiful day with my family and started off September with happiness. Cant wait to see what else is to come this month.

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